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??NEW Villas & Apartments for sale ☀️ Foz do Arelho ? Silver Coast | Portugal Realty

Have you ever thought about how the best things in life are so simple? There are places that have kept this simplicity … Where what makes it truly special is left unchanged The Silver Coast is full of contrasts … … and in Foz do Arelho they all come together in perfect harmony This is a place where the salty Atlantic …. … meets the sweetness of Obidos Lagoon Where we know that we are one with nature … and everything around us makes life worthwhile It’s in the small details that make us feel welcomed That make us feel like we should stay for longer than we originally planned Even when we are surrounded with the pleasures of a modern life A place where everything is fresh In a delicate balance between the land and the sea Where Mother Nature gives us wings, lifting our spirits And tradition joins the past, the present and the future in a journey filled with pride and a sense of community These beautiful properties are perfectly located to enjoy this wonderful lifestyle Whether you prefer an apartment with gorgeous sea views Or a beautiful modern villa Close to the village centre and just a short stroll from the beach and Obidos Lagoon With all of the comfort and quality that you deserve In the heart of a village you’ll be happy to call home

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