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⚠BREAKING NEWS⚠ Flat Earther Hit on the Head at Disc Golf, Doesn’t See Stars

want a chat about it?
yeah why would you write ridicule before investigation is the height of ignorance sir okay it’s always just keep taking one side of the story you know there’s
no reason to investigate anything right Lois just whatever you’re told just eat
it up as long as you can come out here and rent your canoe and watch your
Netflix later tonight on a Sunday afternoon on a beautiful beautiful July
evening that’s all that these people want yeah so here we are here we be here
we go for another wonderful challenging experience here at the lake where else
would we be we’re just chattin’ man so what do you guys came up with it is
wet ax is not family that it is it is flat one because you know water is flat
it’s totally flat and the ocean is the same please
so how could the ocean curve around the ball I don’t know much about that argument I
have to educate myself a bit more how do you know it’s a ball all right
nothing head you kicked myself a little bit more right no I’m saying like how do
you know it’s that right in front of you there though how do I know the earthís
because that’s what we was told and you only know that about what she was told
yeah like a Fed I’m not so so what you’re saying is is that you only know
what you’re told and you never look at anything other than weed home you do to
a degree a man honestly I I don’t think I have a kid with you flat circular I
don’t think I’ve never been a concern of mine yeah well I think because of that I
never really looked into it yeah other stuff that I’m passionate about yeah
yeah I’ll give the time to look through you know investigate a bit more as far
as what the me to believe but as far as whether the earth is round or flat do
you like to be lied to do I like to be like yeah is that
something you enjoy I would say to a degree everybody we all been lied to sir
no I’m asking now what do you like to be is it something you enjoy
do you like to be lied to no okay no one does okay so if we were to offer you
information and a lot of circumstantial evidence to show that you’re being lied
to would you take that into consideration
and what uh what are you basing that on confirmation do you have well I’m basing
that off of typical responses regarding how people think the earth as a ball
they would say while I see ships go over the horizon
I’ve never heard that okay well right hear it all the time okay and so what
that is is it’s just water the grounds meeting with the sky which
is called perspective okay which is the horizon and that’s just typical
mirroring effect where you’re gonna see things from the bottom up disappear what
is the scientific theory on this earth discussion because I know science is
number eight aren’t they saying that there is ball well they can say whatever
they want but I mean is the way that that theory no is that what the theory
is with most Sciences yeah well the theory is is gravity okay yes gravity
causes the earth to become a ball shape with water because of the mass I mean
there’s something very serious is going to be so incredibly huge topic I’ll
flatten a flat curve equipped non pollution non climate change non well
you believe in climate change why do you believe in climate change because I
would just accent the perch and the disadvantage of having a flat curve as
opposed to a circular so if we have a flat curve so that means all of these
climate changes is eliminated or is it getting worse because a third being flat
yes there’s no there’s halation there is no climate change there’s no I mean
earth sea changes its degree and temperature all the time part of the
part of the theory is that there could be more land
it could be we just don’t know we know and they 70% water yeah you know like
the Antarctic ice wall that could surround a flat earth and then but but
isn’t that receding according to scientists have been there you know
they’re claiming that the atlantic ice with all the Penguins and all the stuff
is receding backwards no I don’t think you understand this is the idea that
water has to be contained right like it’s the lake right right okay so if
there is the alleged ice wall then that’s what’s holding all the water in
and so if there is like a canal or if there is some kind of a way to traverse
over okay the Antarctic ice wall and maybe go a couple hundred miles and then
drop down to another you know from an ice wall you could possibly see more
land and more water or maybe the ice wall doesn’t exist at all and it’s just
water and land go on forever of course God is free man I appreciate it I
appreciate I will yeah I would definitely go do a little bit of
research and see what the arguments for and against get a flat earth as opposed
to around thank you guys thanks a lot have a good day out there should have a chauffeur ma’am you
interested in the platter right here you’d like a brochure right
is it flat you can look out at the water the water slap and then when you
consider that three-quarters of the world is ocean it has to be flattened
yeah and if you have you ever used a bubble level why is that a bubble it’s
to actually define level and use water because water always seeks its own level
okay so the surface and the water is always going to be flat that’s why
that’s one of the reasons why global is not true see what do you think about the moon
landing I know you know yeah there is there anything that comes on
the news that you question that it’s true or not no so everything that you’re
given by mainstream news is true okay what if they prepackaged those news
items and they were given to your local news by the government prepackaged think
about that you know that it’s legal for the United States to propagate
information that’s not true to the American public
yeah you should check out the last video I put up g-dub number one or g-dub jr.
talks about propaganda and how it’s okay whatever happened to that wedding was
nasty with that no no but we’ve been there a couple
times to have our meetings there no but you know the funny thing about that is
there is their slogan says research the water yeah what is this thing that’s a
cell phone you know what a cell phone is you know okay why do you hang up like
that though because it’s recording well yeah well no no cuz you’re not in front
of the camera you know that they’re recording you over
the intersection there did you know that you know that they’re recording you on
top of that calendar did you know that your cell phone records you audio and
your camera records you constantly what kind of phone do you have you have an
apple yeah if you say right now Siri something it’ll activate so it’s
always listening yeah so you should probably be more aware of you know well
it’s gonna go on YouTube and then don’t well you should always be aware this
camera right here it’s right in front of everybody so that’s what I tell – yep I
wish I could have I wish I could get all my video recordings deleted when I’m at
an intersection or in a store you know when you go in to target their recording
you are you gonna go into the Security office and tell them to stop recording
you I’m just saying man you know you’re being watched all the time even through
your house me myself and I and Lois’s with herself we’re just sharing the idea of the earth
being a firm motionless flame and it kind of contradicts you know common
knowledge right a lot of people think they live in a globe a lot of people
used to share information so I guess we’re just going back to the
past you because you kind of seemed like you just you know no offense but you
believe a lot of what you’re just taught and told and you don’t question
authority you know so I would encourage you to start being a little bit more
critically minded and you know at least hear both sides of the story you know
whatever happened to those weapons of mass destruction right first of all I
agree with you 100% you do a hundred percent yeah
I’ve seen all Eric debates videos all that sighs I mean I got the books to
Colton do I know about the United Nations flag that’s a good fighter flag
all of them I’ve been reading a study for at least two years okay hey I’m
onboard check out my youtube channel oh you’re
gonna use to share this whoa two or three times okay the whole thing yeah
I’m all on board with this 100% yep I’ve been reading this whole
thing for a couple years now yeah I mean the OTD TV yeah you’re gonna
go to the conference in November where’s the genome Denver oh no I will
leave up the big boys yeah Denver so I didn’t do mobile speed with them okay
cool thank you thank you sir hey man hey that’s alright man you have
an uncanny resemblance to Neil deGrasse Tyson uncanny for him to walk around
with another flat earther guy looks almost exactly like Neil deGrasse Tyson but there you go I mean you know guys
hanging out with this friend there they both have totally opposite viewpoints on
the earth but they can get along you know when it’s also about you know
you could even use the the idea then it’s not even about flat earth it’s
about what you can question what you can’t nobody would ever want to have the
idea to control your mind and if there was more land they would just want to
share it yeah they’ve they’re totally open to sharing and they’re honest
just like the roster out yeah you know just spread the wealth around you know
they do yeah they’re already doing they’re always doing charitable things
they would never you know create a disaster to then create the Red Cross
and have people donate to that you know does that money that good is donated to
those types of organizations always goes to the victims do you see him yes yeah everybody in the
world is honest and nobody is greedy if they had cures they’d cure people if
they had an alternative way to get people healthy they would totally share
that publicly if an herb would do it they make those they would create a
whole entire industry for that they would buy up land and they would put
that herb on that land so that they can make more of it
that’s what they do it sound like they make those are sterile so no no they
don’t they wouldn’t make a terminator seat how you doing it is you should come
live for a meeting sometime all right Todd your twins do yeah Monsanto would
never make a like a terminator seed you know where it only terminates once you know if something was cheaper to
make and grew faster than cotton I don’t know maybe I’ve heard about him they
would have because hemp is useless that’s why we have cotton you know and
that’s that’s why we have tobacco and barley fields because hemp and you know
marijuana those are bad you know so yeah they would allow people to use it and if
hemp was cheaper and was stronger than cotton for clothing we would have that
but you know it’s a good thing that we have somebody controlling protecting
it’s been protecting us from ourselves because if we didn’t have somebody to
protect us from ourselves then you know we’d panic I know and we might start
thinking that other viewpoints your brochures we’re interested okay I’ll sit I’ll stop by a box by you know ma’am if we had if we had some
other alternative medicine we would totally open that – so just hold tight
and and science will work for your benefit and you know we’ll have cures
eventually hemo say I am this family member who suffered terribly
you know before dying they didn’t help him I just heard it oh well that’s you
know that’s typical I mean so it but it is beneficial you know it does help some
good well you see this is a globe right sure yeah so they just there make it
like 30 bucks you do you typically believe everything that you’re told by
mainstream news okay but but that’s just that but where
we live is just confirmed in your heart by the same people that tell you your
news actually you think flatters happy skeptical I like the idea of being
skeptical we don’t know we’ve never seen the curvature if I’d never been to space I mean you could even use the
philosophical idea of maybe we just want to say to Europe it’s flat just to find
out what we can’t say we have no motive there’s no motive we
are honest people we wouldn’t we would we would never withhold information but no you know they don’t fight wars over
land they they fight wars because people just don’t get along
and they they want to help people yeah yeah it’s it’s really about helping and
just helping people you know see that if if we have democracy you know we can
bring a democratic state to that area and all your answers are all your
questions are answered well when the bombs fallen people do you
think they might hurt something those are alleged bombs yeah we don’t we
would never bomb an area that we didn’t have 100% confirmation that the
terrorists are in that building if there’s innocent people in those
buildings we would totally hold off on bombing that area you mean the when they
have like a bride the groom it’s it’s just costumes yeah
yeah the we would we would never you know set up an idea that you know the
event isn’t actually taking place you know so if we would never have
collateral damage well some people say that the CIA goes into them you know has its problems well that’s
just that’s a conspiracy theory oh yeah we would never do that yeah well I mean you just got to be more
aware we will will present you with ideas and we’re here to help you you
know we’re here to offer you authoritative content that you can trust
and we present to you news anchors that you become familiar with and they have a
great you know smile and offer you real content because they’re out there
investigative reporting on the events that happened we would never have you
know you know set up a movie Saturday night that and you know have green
screens behind the reporter well again that’s another conspiracy theory I would
I would direct you away from those those those get you thinking – you know crazy
ideas and you know again we’re here to help you
we’re here to make sure that we have your best interest in mind you know I
just you know I have a little hard time understanding physics tell me you know how how does gravity
hold the oceans on to the brown ball oh that’s a great question it’s like this
yeah it’s really that simple oh so we get it you get it yeah yeah
just I’m glad I could clear that up for you and then you know I I’m not I’m not
you know the brightest what is it the sharpest knife in the
drawer yeah brightest light on the Christmas
tree yeah yes I mean I kind of need things spelled out so I just wonder you
know like if you have the earth and the Sun and there’s a pole between them hmm
and the pole gets stronger the bigger the the bigger the body right
so how come how come the earth doesn’t crash into the Sun well that’s really
easy to understand okay you got it yeah now I understand okay great that’s
why I’m here because we want to make sure that we answer your questions so
that’s clear who you can trust you look really trustworthy except for
the bowtie yeah I get that a lot it’s bit tacky but that’s okay yeah and and
you know in regards to the Sun it’s just there are the spinning that’s why the
Sun is going in that direction just pay no attention to the man behind
the curtain I had one more question
Oh well you know space is an infinite
vacuum isn’t that right yeah I mean you know layman’s terms I guess you could
call it that yeah well you know that’s better for you
to understand when I put you know like oh my god some you know like little
crumbs and stuff on the carpet mmm and I take a vacuum cleaner and I run it over
the crumbs yeah they get sucked up into the vacuum
cleaner mmm so I’m just wondering I mean know how comes I hope the infinitive
vacuum there should be a big strong back right how come it doesn’t suck
everything off the earth including the oceans have you seen space balls you
know the lady the giant vacuum that’s sucking she puts the vacuum on the earth
and she sucks all the air out yeah so you’re wondering why it doesn’t work
much like that and it just you know this giant vacuum sucks everything else yeah
well I heard there’s truth in movies yeah yeah and there’s that’s alleged you
know I wouldn’t get too deep into that you know be careful okay you get done to
other conspiracies and again we’re here to help you know but to answer your
question no it’s actually stationary so you
haven’t been in the water what do you think about the idea of the
years being a firm motionless plane never thought I mean never really looked
into it yeah that’s good that’s good I’m a scientist and we wouldn’t want you to
indulge in conspiratorial ideas well read this yes I think that should go at it like that I
should go at it and the man on that you’re the flatterer and I’m a scientist
and try to get them to stay away I’ll be like no you come on I’m scientist we
could we’d never lie you let me get a picture of you in the
charity for these people are oh yeah I could just bring this alright yeah
what does connect them hey you can explain to the audience that
you know you shrunk yourself down you’re a scientist or something like that yeah
a shrink ray way it should circle up there’s one seems to give you a new attitude yeah we should do that picture real quick
then you know some people say that they used
to take their picture with their hand and they’re in their home oh yeah you
know and some people say it was just sort of like a convention of the times
you know having a portrait taken like that and then others say it’s a sign of
a freemason hello right yeah there’s a lot of you know but it’s
really be intent of what you’re doing with it you know same with numbers you
know if you if you see people keep doing hand signs and whatnot I mean it could
just be there gesturing or you know could be something that they do because
they are are you doing hand signs and it’s just really about the intent behind
it you know everybody is 33 years old at some point in their life you know those
who make it to that rate but just cause you’re 33 years old doesn’t mean you’re
a freemason no I mean right and that’s why you have to add their sermon you
know I brought a little flashlight for the
Sun right I think people can latch on to the idea
of the planetarium because I think most people have been to
a planetarium it is kind of extraordinary how how closely it
approximates the night sky yeah and yet it’s done with lights on a can on a CGI
canvas and a digital display they just never crosses people’s minds that that
same idea could you know be above us that we’re stationary and the things
above us are moving it’s quite amazing how much it it resembles the nice and
yet people want to think that there are balls and there’s no real reason to
believe that there are balls up there unless that’s what you were told by men
in blue jackets did you have a dinosaur skeleton on the
screw you want some information man little
pamphlet for you you got a kid Peter at home yeah here
you go just pop that in and wash away Cheers
thanks you two I heard him
I heard him saying to his family the earth probably is flat because the
government’s been lying to us and I don’t believe anything they say
that’s what midnight that’s why I got him over here oh yeah yep the darker-skinned
generation certainly has its its own personal issues with the government for
sure and I think that you know people you know European ancestry they tend to
be much more trust we have brochures if you like it’s just
paper thanks thanks a lot this pretty simple kids can look at it
too and they the colonnades kids when they
do get to school high school students and so on they’ll be the ones asking the
questions to the teachers smartypants sounds like you’ve been
doing a little bit too much independent thinking we have to do something about
that gonna have to come to detention stay
away from your house to send CPS to your house and you guys keep asking
individual thoughts and questions to put a stop to that is that the last one makes me feel useful productive you know
as if we were like you know robots and yeah pick up the pace pick up the pace
you’re holding us all back yeah how could you talk about this flatter stuff
it’s so I’m connected I’m productive it’s it’s holding us back that’s probably terrible it’s pretty bad
you couldn’t pay me to swim in a lake anymore
with all the chemtrails and everything I go to the ocean are you doing we got
some information for ya nothing wrong with getting the other side of the
conversation right some nice biodegradable paper here okay
what does that prove okay can I show you how it’s not I mean
you can go around a penny okay well I have gone over Lois I’ve gone around the
earth I’m a traveler I’m a scholar I’ve gone
around the earth to the block no I know it’s a big old
ball I have an uncle who has a brother who
has a son whose wife’s co-worker works at NASA doesn’t everybody I know as those guys have a lot of
nephews right I wonder if it’s a hump in the middle
you know like this I wonder who the humping they need to curb you just can’t see it
yeah paddleboating on this leg must be exhausting having to go up over that and
then you can relax when you go down these people do with my image
what’s a bad band they do they are drunk food yeah you want to chat about it yeah he goes is this real no this isn’t real
man this is just a hologram we’re just we’re a hologram an elaborate hologram well they get the point wave you know
even though it doesn’t say it may be big letters they’re pleased at the point
well there’s a yellow and black research flattered little box there yes we’re gonna remember to grab that sign
too because the last two times I’ve put a sign up like that I forgotten them seven bucks for a sign like that yeah yeah I put in batteries to get caller ID so I
just do it to stubborn yeah anyway so you know I answer pleasantly enough
because I don’t know who it’s gonna be he said well this is Jessica
of course it was reporting you know I just want to ask one quick survey
question oh well thank you other questions as you said do you think that a police
officer is a dangerous drug just a contributing to their database just a
flattering they’re gonna they’re gonna study every
aspect there they’re even going to have smart yep take to document when you how often
yeah it is pretty Fitz are probably analyzed you know nobody would do that
conspiracy we got a brochure here for you guys if you want why-why-why why do you we wouldn’t know can you imagine going in buying these
car just take a zero away I like your question you mean nobody
would ever lie to something want to chat about in them yeah
why would you rate first time and they’re the ones that
said is this real baby shoes hearing loss you hear that
yeah yeah so me you they do a man any questions you’ve ever thought of
regarding the topic well here’s the dragon red frontier a sure thing man
take your time this is the basics basic 101 stops yeah my youtube channel is on
the front cover there and check it out sometime
okay yes have a good walk out there Thanks would you like a brochure biodegradable
huge kind of looking at the lake here we notice it’s flat on time it’s what yeah it is like the ocean hi we just
have this here because people kind of relate to it you know because they’ve
seen this throughout their school and so you know that when they think of the
earth they think of a round ball it’s kind spinning it does this does not make
sense at all it’s a mean person yeah okay interestingly he seems you know bearing
on but still yeah I think a lot of its gonna come to
fruition this fall when kids go back to school I really think a lot of people a
lot of kids are gonna start asking questions yeah but then they’re gonna find out
what they can and can’t talk about you know not necessarily you know good thing
no I mean well I mean you know when you got a band-aid you just rip it off you
just don’t go here by here you know so it’s better that they learn while
they’re young in this country what you can and can’t say and talk about then to
get older and just get consumed in the reality in the matrix if you will and
then you never question because you got a family
a job and you know you get sucked up yeah I talked about the kid in my
neighborhood ten years it’s perfectly often mind and father
might watch a little bit and anyone school yeah Maggie tell me one you know
you know you know like I don’t you know I suppose you know some
universe it might be possible for some man just like you know like even my family
tried to talk me in tonight you know on the pancake serious and you know
engineers say the pan like I’m like shrugging my shoulders and you know
throwing my hands okay well you know who am i I’m not a I’m not an engineer you
know yeah that’s what they want to believe them you know let them believe
that you know that’s what they want to believe you talked to him for five or
ten minutes and then they come back to you and they give you some second and
third party information from people they’ve never met before be okay yeah
that’s what we want to believe then you’re just you’re meant to be deceived
yeah you’re meant to be like you’re just meant to live in the matrix and die here
if this is your home love it this isn’t my home I don’t love this place like I
don’t I hate this place so much and I want to hopefully drag people with
me and make and wake them up and so that they realize that this is just a big lie
yeah but some people are gonna just never gonna wake up like those kids the
other day you know they’re getting they’re always gonna be lost from
yesterday the answer’s no I don’t think you knew who are paying attention you
see it though some kids they really are open
mind like this killer just came by the same kid you know his teachers are
terrorizing him about Zika virus Dehlia scared of mosquitos and stop chat
about it sir so apologetic for bothering me sir just like how you doing sir presenting
an alternative viewpoint what do you think I look a little disappointed yeah good question no I don’t like it were
you no offense please don’t take it as offense but were
you alive when they allegedly landed on the moon okay you saw it on TV okay live well I’m just asking you a direct
question essentially know that your spear model is a joke sir yeah I mean I
can I go to you like math at all no you don’t want to look at the math I can
prove to you by math that your globe is alive I hope you’re a scientist and I play one
on YouTube and I have numbers to prove to you that you’re being to see some
good questions to provoke your thought I love it there’s this plan okay if you
give me two proofs that you live on a spirit so if you’re on the coast okay ship is
sailing arrogance but it doesn’t get smaller smaller
smaller disappears and that there are communication
satellites there’s the space station what makes you think that
hold well I can address your first prove what
makes me happy yes I asked your I answered you do me the courtesy of
answering mine yeah should I address your questions yes my question is what
makes you think the earth is flat are you going to address that or not yes or
no so when you see the ship going over the right I’m going to answer Mike I am
answering them do you think so it’s a yes-or-no question do you think the
earth is flat yeah why do you think that because when
a ship you think is going over the horizon that means that the water is
mirroring off of the horizon so it’s natural refraction how does the horizon
here because the light from the Sun so it’s
just explain to me this listen this is absent explain to me how the atmosphere
how’s that for riots that’s how when you’re walking down a path from me draw
me a diagram show me how brazen right okay I’ll actually show you what the
visual here do you mind watching a visual no you show me am I asking you to
pull up a visual you show me you cannot explain to me yes I can’t give you use
immediately let me explain I’m interrupting me you
keep dropping me yeah you’re right I did okay because we shall we take time when
you see a quote ship going over the horizon that is natural mirroring so the
plan the water is rearing the what the horizon so the bottom is always going to
disappear first so drum music we’ve explained to me how the natural I do it
that’s why I’m here I mean then here’s here’s so explain to me this is haptic
yeah you’re right Blaine to me yeah you have a pen yes I don’t have okay that I can show
you on a visual yeah its perspective man you know we don’t see the horizon I’m
sorry go ahead you know we can’t see forever I don’t
know the tracks are going to look like they
go right to the other and it’s the same if you’re looking the horizon will come
together and then you’ll have a flat line
rises to the level of your eyes no I think you misunderstood that’s not
missing the ship does not converge or disappear the bottom of the ship is
obscured by the curvature of the earth I’m saying that you are misunderstood
severe that’s immense that’s where my
understanding everything the the Greeks know about this they when a ship was
arriving they would see the mast of the ship first see you have to go like you
have to go like is this correct right right right so it depends on the
right so you know you see it and you’re not gonna see that’s exactly where you
think their world is flat do you even know the radio do you even know the
circumference of your earth it’s like why would you ask that if you mean
they’ll let you would if you believe what you were saying that the alleged
I’m not gonna look at that the alleges so that’s honest this is on a straight
level bridge the camera is on the grounds and you’re gonna see the bottom
of the bike disappear first this is a dry day just like you’re
looking at right now I don’t think the bottom of the bike of disrepair
including the curvature of the earth perch of the earth is this is this is
exactly what you’re seeing on water yeah yeah yeah so I show you proof right
here no you show me a video that you claim to know I’m showing you why you
think the bottom of things disappear first and that’s because there’s natural
mirroring right here I’m showing you right here you deny use your own your
own court science and then when you lift the camera up that’s what you’re gonna
see look what happens to sons when it’s quote setting it’s over there’s water
okay you have a son it’s not a chef yeah but the son is going then overload
of horizon and so there’s a natural theory happening right in front of you
well so that’s again explain to me the optics draw me a diagram there’s a pen
draw me a diagram you can you can clean themselves draw me a diagram show me how
the diffraction or refraction or whatever it is just draw me a diamond to
do why don’t you draw me what you think we said yeah I explained here I’m not
trying to convince myself at all then why are we having this because he stops
and I’m showing you right here that the earth this why the water is doing which I’m not I’m walking into this
without any preparation so you will not accept that there is evidence out there
that I can cite that will support a counter-argument you’re not going to
accept that that yes or no you will not accept evidence that runs
counter to what you’re claiming is that it yes so answering
olala you’re done talking so I can talk though right yeah I just asked you a
question cite that information and then I can
observe it and I can use my own personal discernment on whether or not what
you’re showing these guys are you guys taking any kind of why is that
why not no but I’m just asking because it’s gonna go on YouTube so that that
other people in the public and observe pro and con so enter so you review at
the mostess without my permission oh yeah why would you do that because I
don’t need your permission could you show me the law when I need your
permission no but I’m asking your commanding you a question why would you
do that you have an agenda yeah because I was displaying this on youtube so that
everybody in public across the world can observe positive and negative
information for and against flattered through over
okay this R here of laughs earth is a public that’s oh okay it’s a public
discussion that let’s let’s lay out some rules I will have a conversation you’re
gonna make the rules let’s let’s agree on some rules you gotta agree or not
tell me what you were always should take turns
we should not step on each other’s conversation so explain to me how communication
satellites orbit the Earth will explain that it’s explained that if you can’t
explain that then I think this is just a waste of your time and mine obviously
have some kind of agenda location set communication satellites orbit the Earth
they do okay so you agree so they orbit the Earth
I know I asked you a question no okay satellites don’t exist
so what is this some judge did you answer the question what is this a
picture of them so we disagree Sant I believe that satellites exists okay do
you agree that satellites okay so do you believe in satellites 99% of
communication done on earth is through fiber optics and believe in satellites
or not can you please stop interrupting me because you made up your own rules
right am i interrupting okay yeah you are
right so maybe you should be quiet for okay we’ve got 150 105 by 25 seconds
okay when we’re done talking do you believe satellites are real yesterday
mentioned a percent of communication done under this new fiber optics and
ground choppers the other percentage is landlines and the other part of that
percentage is through high-altitude balloons believe it or not these not these because nobody would ever lie to you
about anything right about your reality there’s there would no buddy whatever
life good chat with him because I use your satellites and Space Center all CGI
I’ll buy you a coffee for each satellite and outer space you can find on your
phones be the incentive so so of the three of
us are detectives right and we showed up out of crime scene and we see that to
control our laying down there with a knife next for them you say oh my god I
can’t believe somebody would you know what’s the move don’t some motors or would you look at
the that the investigation you would find
out what the motive every day Nancy gets fifty million
dollars a day to give use CGI elephant’s of other
things so these two gentlemen over here believe that this is a real settlement
okay but this is a satellite but it’s on the ground
so when you see publicity gentleman over there what a believe everything that
works bad by the government PC gentlemen are exactly trying to accept everything
that is given to them by nation state to grabbing or to throw a ball question authority goes against what
people look we’ll walk around otherwise science science means the study of like this why does it have to be to something well back to my point my point is
something craters objects away 40,000 I’m saying
call a massage and the moon does not reflect the light onto the moon I’m saying it was created to be its own
light to dominate the night the CERN that you see will embarrass to dominate
the game so that’s the lose a lesser light and
the Sun is a greater life you know how one one one projects no that’s like you
nerd one projects you know that the new light also for deaths cold that’s crazy I mean I’m trying to hear
you out but it’s just like science I mean I’m educated I I’ve done I’ve been
been to the University of Minnesota I’ve taken my biology class there so it’s
just it’s a hard sell but I like the fact that you just challenge except to
say that you’re just you’ve just been going to church this is
not a satellite and outer space this right here this is not from space that’s
all there is a thinking they admit that they can’t answer that what they’re
doing is using high-altitude balloon spy plane type cameras recording on a
flat motion McClane and turning into a composite adding lights color
and they’re turning in a few deputies really you can look it up you can look
it up on YouTube and there’s this guy who ordered for NASA and he did some of
the computer-generated images and he admits on their lose their folder sharks
they’re not real make sure they’re not quarters
you know he says you can get him Robert Simmons I know it’s just so hard
to think about that you don’t believe Libre we have a universe with in there how do you know that
where’s the 30 things from anywhere like I said it’s based off of my education my
my vision of seeing the son of the spear in shape but I mean
if that’s in outer space shining down on this light it’s just aggravating the
noble gases in the air that our eyes interpret as light so is that do you
believe that that’s a burning so it’s even why would they like yeah
why would they why would anybody lie right I mean I just can’t that’s one of
the most difficult questions to get into because you haven’t looked critically at
the evidence provided regarding platter and various other conspiratorial type
ideas and coincidence theories to explain why they would lie it would be
totally over your head no offense but I mean what do you think about 9/11 that’s that’s not at all the truth now
do you think we landed on the moon also I brush the ball to go because that one
building next to the tower like I wasn’t it wasn’t hit by anything
yeah building 7 collapse destroyed things don’t sort of control the mind I
mean you know no offense man and please don’t take my offence but what if their
motive was just to control your mind and make you think like things are happening
that they’re really not it’s a dialect a galleon dialects so they’re doing one
filled with one hand and doing another with the others I mean if you believe
that guys can take over airplanes with box cutters
I hope Flat Earth was able to wake you up man
because you’ve been building seven like he was talking about collapse my office
fires and it wasn’t even mentioned in denial
Commission report that’s the official government document so if you look at look at building seven
it just goes straight down into and only takes seconds yeah I have a
family trying to trace I can believe that powers-that-be
this attack or whatever motivation a lot of carrier terrorism but then I also to
believe that people could just capitalize on what happened and say
where we’re gonna sense these are down with us and the descriptions that are
building that has all of our evidence of all of our transaction history they
could maybe get an insurance claim or something off of that because now
there’s no nothing laughter I don’t know I just I did question that because that
was weird well I mean just as long as you guys
have a job and watch the Twins game where you play later tonight you pay
your taxes that’s exactly where they want to do the job because you’re busy
it consumes and exhausted from working family and your friends and everything
and you know stuff like this isn’t important to most people and I just so
happened to have a lot of free time and I don’t have a girlfriend I don’t know
much you know holding me back you know a lot of people who do understand flatter
than they have degrees and have going to school they can’t say anything because
they have families they have a job you know five years away from their pension
or whatever Oh you know these kind of like you don’t I
mean I don’t think it’s a fair thank you any time to articulate to me why what
happened after 9/11 I mean auteur y’all gonna have things to
things that happen if a lot of things happen things weapons of mass destruction did they
ever find those weapons of mass destruction did they ever find the mass
years if you ever come across them finding those weapons of mass
destruction I always thought to play just okay well they went in that area
because George Bush jr. said that there were weapons of mass destruction hidden
by Saddam Hussein did they ever find those weapons of mass destruction no
they didn’t so their whole entire one of their motives to go into that area was a
complete another body and yeah now you get molested when you go into an airport
now because of 9/11 which is totally off-base and we shouldn’t have that
happen because if you look up the definition for terrorists you will see
that it has to do with your own government has nothing to do with people
overseas with box cutters trying to do something through America
terrorism is done by your own country so whenever you hear about terrorism and
Isis I can’t wait
please do something then walk away in the fluorinated state of asking the
question I think that I’m talking to him in a sense that is over it is over
itself because if you think that a bunch of guys and box cutters can take over an
airplane with military personnel on the plane like pilots that’s Hollywood
that’s Hollywood talk I mean that’s crazy boy meet some of the guys and that
one plane supposedly overpowered them right you know how many miles away the
Sun is 93 million miles in Jamaica that number means propaganda what about the
guys in Europe who tried to hijack that guy in front of hypothet train or
terrorize that dream you have machine gun and those guys stopped him they
literally carbonate and he had a machine gun I think they
got shot I mean the guys got shot okay allegedly
why didn’t you happen I’m just saying I’m just saying if a guy can get stopped
with the machine gun by three guys or it’s all for amateurs
allegedly the prepackaged your news man did you know that like it’s legal for
the u.s. government to propagandize the news
there’s no investigative reporting they create news because they’re power-hungry
and they’re control freaks five bucks for a pork sandwich if you
share it on social media that might be a real news story but anything else that’s
happening overseas you’ve really got to take away the grain of salt yeah like
seriously what are you streaming on to I’ll put it this up I thought about this all Akari of my
social media for my own yes because I feel like it’s dumbing down our country you know who’s to collect your
information it’s the collector person’s thoughts what people are interested um
because we’re still in infantile stages what social media is going to be the
beans that’s it’s all brand new we’re riding that compressed right now like I
predict like 50 years from now we’re gonna see that and I literally sling because people on social media would
literally agree with something just so that they’re a part of something just so
that they feel in their is connected that someone or something even if they
don’t necessarily agree with it it’s because they want their social status to
me I’m part of this so it’s like there’s a great quote like prove thinking is
like fiction is like a dump drunk giant like moving around it’s like a herd of
buffalo like changing directions every which way but it’s just running rampant
while realize what it’s potentially doing to ban it that’s that’s our
problem I have I got rid of all my social care before I wasn’t like I would
put on stuff like that you’re talking about people organizing to try to demean you
or face your name like you like it that’s like political entity or whatever
motivation they have they see you as like an outcast we see you as a leader
so they want to smear you can’t they have a smear campaign against you that’s
our agreement seal everyone just crickets crickets normal savings so you
either you’re like everyone’s like afraid that’s gonna happen to them yeah
or they don’t want to unite and like actually take a stand against it because
if you come together no one can do anything to you because you can’t do it
to everyone people are afraid of things getting infiltrated you know so fear is
the guiding light for a lot of Americans of why they just passively accepted yeah
they look up at the sky and they see seven chemtrail open this time and they
just think that that’s okay like oh that’s a weird confirmation just
a street or a cloud right across er hmm and then they just go to water I have
social media because that’s what the majority of this population users other people and so that’s why I see a lot of people
who walk by the sign with you they keep their high because if they see something
I guess my next question would be what research have you done – and I know I’m
not saying you’re necessarily this position is that you had explained that
what if the earth kept rolling like water and financial campaign to go to
the North Pole because all of our compass to support North right I would
love to find out why our company 21 a lot of people are distracted by
Antarctica the answer to alleged ice wall that’s down there so if water needs
to be in a container you know like his this is azimuthal equidistant map so all
the water would be held in by this wall right well regardless if water goes on
and land goes on forever or it’s held into this container water level and
right now you know that’s your total that’s that’s how you know you’re here
in this physical realm and if you start to investigate how all of your pictures
of outer space are all painting I know watching NASA yeah document
documentarian for an hour would you believe in like all of its
yeah Korra’s mantle and we have like some
abduction Jones some abduction zones and my fault lines and that’s what causes
volcanoes and earthquakes and tsunamis that doesn’t breed that around you happen to know how far allegedly
human beings have drilled in here no I know but we remind the earth oh
well it could be seen to outer space what mining has done for the basic so to
get so they have like seismographs and you have stuff that go down thousand
nine hundred and ninety miles to go down to some abductions on one plane and
that’s what makes us what makes it a minute sedimentary rock but I swear
learning my science I know I know we drilled eight miles into what this is
allegedly called pick a little burr how do you know what’s in the center of the
Tipsy pop three months three thousand nine hundred and ninety two miles
because it’s at the bottom of the ocean floor there’s gas and sulfur and there’s
man coming out volcanoes can exist on a level
motionless not spinning flame so I guess now before the bathroom yes
you said if I’m out of spear and we’re not that mirror like like cylinder flat
cylinder and how do you told me they told me general stuff like you know what
it looks like if we can’t get high enough to see what the entire land I put
the gold on anything so how do you tie it up taking shuttles outer space I just
showed you pictures that are planetarium all right you sit here and you look up
so do some lights and these constellations and all this stuff are
man-made to put a plan versus put a plan you
don’t give any sunlight oh I can create a life that is exactly like the sunlight
and it’s an artificial life what you couldn’t make that late we could make
that late rotate around us rotating around
we’re not rotating first is a firm motionless plane it’s not spinning
spinning right now I’m spinning right now we’re orbiting it stops minutes it’s like gravitational pull and it’s
what happens with planets in our solar system orbiting around there’s the Sun okay here’s the Sun now
gravity will pull too much the gravitational pulls our solar system has
it now there we go planets in a world we’ve got it now see okay here okay here we go now we’re
gonna have some gravity well how if gravity is doing that then why is it
gravity pulling this moon to us maybe maybe one day down the line will
just be another sports planet could you show me an orbit welcome people to Norway because well
imagine so just demonstrate to us how gravity
works I mean that’s advanced really hard here I’ll demonstrate why is it no but
gravity also makes things orbit well I need to see you actually you know when
to drown so you so dropping the water bottle is gravity okay okay but why
can’t you demonstrate the orbit that’s called obesity but if you could just
demonstrate with to us orbit orbits gravity so we spelled again no I have
this of course you are when we asked her tits obesity I’m not obese we’re actually just talking about
gravity and Oh guys honestly I like what you’re
doing I like that you’re challenging something know through our history I
learned that at the University of Minnesota to my political church no in
my political science class they share things have to be challenged or you’ll
never find the truth so I appreciate what you guys are trying to do
regardless with you’re right you’re wrong because you’re challenging things
and so I admire that okay that’s great but you also demonstrated gravity here
but why can’t you demonstrate in orbit because I know gravity also I target
sway me what it is I don’t have all the planets you can’t get one straight go
around you know because gravity is not real that’s why yeah it’s just
nomenclature for why and how things fall to the ground
what is the terminology for things falling to the ground of the lake and
floating to the top of the surface what is that call like if we were to bring
this balloon 50 feet to the middle of the lake what would the balloon do well
actually lakes have a thing called Lake stratification and the lakes actually
recycle themselves they actually actually have a film that gathers in the
middle of the lake and then when that becomes so heavy that it’s more dense
than the water it pushes in a tree flush and that’s the lakes natural lakes
natural way of cleaning itself and so even lakes have gravity too it just
takes something denser than the water you know that’s like that’s the reason
why water is soft but if you jumped up get the story building you die humanity
water because it’s sold dense that you could get it and bring all your fault
order property of water is seats that’s why that’s why we use terms like sea-level level doesn’t that prove that gravity is
holding the water down so it’s been you honor them because wherever Joe is
fending on forever we have pockets of water like lakes it’s all just popped
into those holes in the ground it’s not always weighted down well what about the
ocean one of these what about the ocean ocean it’s been don’t how is it that you
live here this is curved water look this is this is your globe this is where you
believe you live water doesn’t do this show us bendy water show us an
observation of how to how to have bengi water I see what you try I see your
point there if you want it’s not that simply it’s
great I’m not yes it is it’s definitely explain it I’m just I’m gonna soul I’m
gonna include you so much man that you are believing in a fancy room you are
not in reality bends and and the earth is spinning around at a thousand miles
an hour around the Sun and the Sun and our solar system is traveling at a half
a million miles an hour and then that is traveling through the Milky Way at 1.5
million miles an hour through the Gallic – the Milky Way galaxy man this fantasy
that’s that’s a story combination so fortunate people believe
that you know I mean I guess if the earth was flat
like you’re saying and it’s not pretty water then you could pull off the earth
you could literally walk to the edge did you just forget what we talked about
five minutes ago that’s why you have your theory that it’s infinite why does
the infinite let’s say you haven’t seen this from outer space so how do you even
though you live here Space Shuttle with this yeah where has he gone
and you just say no you can’t I’m done then you should just carry on man you
can carry on I’m done you can believe in Santa Claus that’s fine man no I’m just
I’m done with you same thing because it goes forever I’m not saying
anything I’m saying there’s no edge if there was an epidural
I guess that I’d like like what you guys are saying while challenging things but
science is going to disprove you at the time yep science bro that’s church
that’s fine not so much at four years old at four
years old no later than that but okay so you weren’t ever shown a globe in
kindergarten cuz I got a I got a kidney garden book right here that kind of
proves that you’ve learned about the globe all the way till you could first
walk so sorry I’m trying oh well don’t let us bother you about
your music I just need your over so is that there’s not there is not curable
evidence based on the geometric measurements or geography and geometry
combined not getting the curvature that should be seen based on the size in the
kid here at this oh right I just noticed that when I say
their photographs and they look pretty darn photographic yep there’s different
size could it be a may be distortion in the lens or something else that I’ve not
that I don’t know so much about regarding telescopes hey hey hey it’s
more just muttering your shoe in the toilet okay so I mean I think you know we as
humans are but some of the time you know images are
not true a lot of people have seen the movie gravity for example and some
people actually think that yeah it looks very realistic yeah and so and some
people will just believe when they cheat to them the actress was motors baby
so but you know once you realize that these images are not true and then that
takes away a lot of the proof and they’ve never proved Josh when you’ve just given them well you know it’s just it is it is mentally
draining because they’ve they believe so much and what
they were taught in education kept bringing up his educational prowess
well the U of M is doing this and doing that you know and unless it was taught
to him through the U of M you know it’s not gonna fall in line with that science bro oh there’s your balloon over
there hey my man hey my man you’re irresponsible Louis
with your balloons I’m still waiting for someone to show me
more oh yeah well we because I’m trying to understand what what happens he
wouldn’t show us he just wouldn’t show us he did the mic the mic drop though
you did the might use a master at the mic drop it twice you did it twice you
might just see far enough to realize the earth isn’t flat this is called gravity and then he objected because this was yeah yeah I’d be happy to demonstrate if I
believed in orbit right authorities here because Linnaean have the track hoe
what’s faster especially you know because they could’ve least make up some
good lines yeah it’s said they’ve got huge gaps in their
theory there’s a huge gap between us and the Sun apparently right Chad about it
hey right on well we got a Brook I watched some videos we got a brochure
here for you you did huh what do you think you just
think you’re walking up there and we’re just please before it’s a fine biscuit
oh yeah that was long time ago yeah was it yeah but that was just appreciating
then only for brave ladies like you’re staying here yes so you Hubble we’re
supporting going against mainstream what if you like to give us two examples of
your science that supports you say like curvature so you’re specifically looking
for the curvature of the earth you can see and it rises to the eye and the person
also you wouldn’t see the earth on the other side but you see it because it’s
flat so what what are you even proposing though that it’s just a flat actually you know what there’s a this is
college matter like you said so it’s like a coin like what happens
when you get to the edge so what if using that observation you were to climb
up over the two or three hundred foot ice wall and the three of us tracks five
hundred miles in one direction and then drop down another ice wall and then had
more land and water in front of us and we kept doing that over and over and
over again and it just went on forever on YouTube you know an old clip black
and white from the 1950s break and he says and they ask them is there anything
else to explore and he says well you know I went test when I went down to
Antarctica I went past and art and I found another continent similar in size
to North America and full of mineral wealth
so you know I mean this is psy he was military and believe it or not
but in any event you know it is just the Antarctic ice no you’re limited on to where you can go
because of the Antarctic Treaty so when you’re able to use treaties as a means
to say that you’re protecting wildlife you’re able to control where people can
and can’t help so even if we say that we can’t trust NASA there’s so many
commercial satellites out in space who protected see did you show me one show
us an idea what do you mean no I mean show me a settler I mean you believe
that they’re up there right yeah do you ever use yes yes and you’re using ground
towers to triangulate your position so satellites have nothing to do with
wireless communication like your cell phone is it pointed straight up
okay I feel like we’re probably not gonna get anywhere with this
conversation what your sees feel there’s no such thing like a conspiracy and that
word not exist in the English no I I do think that there are probably things
that we’ve all come to believe that we need more I just don’t think that the
shape of the earth is okay so do you have one more proof you gave us one do
you have another proof of the earth being a sphere
so do you think all of the planets are flat Lent you like what planets are you
referring to oh you don’t think there are other planets no I’m asking you a
question I mean like could you mean Venus okay
so similar to what you would find in this children’s book sure okay what if
those were just lights in the sky and they had nothing to do with us as human
beings being able to travel to those distant places that they allege because
before the word planet would existed they were called wandering stars so they
were just lights in the sky but there’s a lot of things that people you’re right
and the event of technology is able to give us CGI images of satellites in
space do you ever you have a cell phone on you you can use your own cell phone
right okay yeah do you like coffee or tea yeah okay and I have my email
address and on my youtube channel and for each satellite in outer space you
find on your own phone because you don’t want to use mine because I might have to
trick it or something but find a satellite that looks like a genuine
photograph in outer space and I’ll buy a coffee for each one you find
no one has ever and then for your pictures of Earth from outer space I’ll
buy you an additional coffee for each day of the week yeah when you find a
genuine photograph not an image and nothing that looks like Disney of the
Earth from space I’ll buy you a coffee for each one so I’m probably gonna be
and four you know yeah okay yeah great I love this idea I cannot wait thank you oh they love their government no boys will just get this straight out
there for everybody on YouTube there are no conspiracies okay so for this young
lady here who calls herself Lois allegedly right
she’s proselytizing the idea of a conspiracy in a worldwide conspiracy for
that matter I just want to encourage you that there are no conspiracies on earth
no one would ever in behind closed doors come up with a motive to deceive these
wonderful beautiful taxpayers and they love them use cards mister yes we don’t
condone the use of a sucker born every minute but there are probably one child
is born every two seconds so there’s a sucker born every two seconds conspiracy from the English dictionary
yeah we definitely want to get rid of that terminology so there’s no reason to
investigate any ideas that would go against myself or any other actor that
you see on television thank you for your time stop it Willis stop trying to change
these people’s minds we got them right where we want them we got them right
where we want them yeah she’s not gonna know what to do
with herself if she does investigate and she doesn’t well the thing about that is
is like you know offering coffee or tea to people then that means nobody’s gonna
call me or email me right so we’re not going to be able to further the
conversation because they’re not going to find any pictures so then they just
won’t contact so I should say something else they see it they’re looking for it
again Louis we’re gonna clarify again we would never install curved windows in
airplanes okay what you’re seeing is real so you are seeing the curve from an
airplane window because we would never install virtual reality windows into
airplanes we thought what if we if we’re going to into business aviation let’s do
it yet but let’s not just do a another jet let’s let’s do what we do best and
take existing ingredients and imagine a new recipe wait is the number one enemy
of any aircraft because you requires more fuel to move that weight through
the air the displays which would replace the the windows are lighter than the row
of windows that you were traditionally finding in their business and passenger
jet of this size so there’s immediately a weight
advantage which would save fuel and hence increase the range of the Jets
which is an enormous selling point and there’s also the advantage of it
becoming slightly more aerodynamic any interruption in the surface creates drag
so once you remove the windows the surface becomes inherently more slippy
what’s important to remember with this project that it is conceptual it’s a
concept so certain elements are already impossible from what we’re
proposing for example the flexible displays that’s already possible to
major electronics companies of released domestic televisions which are curved in
the same way so another aspect of the concept I’m not yet possible the idea of
this really is to push the boundaries we’re basically saying wouldn’t it be
fantastic if you take the technology as it exists and then you push it towards
the possibility of being able to use the images which are taken from cameras on
their outside of the plane coupled to the very recent technology of flexible
screens to have a first-person perspective to the outside of the plane
essentially you can display whatever you like on there the content is only
limited by your imagination so which is why we think I want to share some fun
and interesting possibilities that we imagined people have talked about the
possibility and we’ve seen it in films before maybe in self-driving vehicles it
would be a means of occupying the passengers while the car drove itself so
that’s that’s one possible future application but basically the the sky’s
the limit no pun intended and we would never build an airplane
that has a curved window so would you buy a used car of course he would because I’m
authoritative yeah that one guy who was here for
Cuauhtemoc yeah because he came across what’s your motive sir you know people were messing around with
it but then he said he’s a good boy he’s a good boy
and even though it looks like my camera is curving the straight sidewalk that’s
my garage like the guy who said with the ships
going over her the horizon that’s proof the guy who wanted to debate he like
gave me ground rules of what I can and can’t do right and then he broke his own
rules like a Pharisee once that other guy came up he’s like I want to even
argue with this guy yeah you’re right and then I show him video evidence of a
bicyclists and a ship going over the Court horizon could you give us two groups well
clearly clearly I’m not ignoring science I’m a scientist and oh yeah and so if
you could just demonstrate to two poor Louis here two proofs that we clearly
use as evidence for a global okay then one more course of course Louis a second
or third party testimony you know one sense it could be what if you bought this yeah yeah Louis
yeah what’s going to happen loan there’s nice boy what did you go or or how about this how
about this this is easy this is totally gonna do bunker where’s the edge we’re
gonna fall off the edge Louis right I mean so you come to the shore and then you
step out what happens you see if there are six
flat you have to hit a wall if you continue going in one direction
you have kid you can do it yeah in cooperation with other countries we have a lot to say about those exist
you know clearly the mass of the earth resource yeah well clearly the Sun is
orbiting around us that’s where he had a census so here’s gravity the Sun in the earth
right it goes fret no because the earth is falling around
the Sun so it’s always falling away from the site because it’s got more than
wrong okay so it doesn’t doesn’t fall into the
Sun because it doesn’t fall because what you think no I’m saying it’s following
bits to be stuck in the gravity well essentially around us up and you see how
my hand is providing energy for the massing Sun so vines you don’t need you
know does this does the earth cause the Sun to move why don’t you show me why and orbit
doesn’t work here here is gravity okay okay now show me the orbit orbit Fred the moon’s out okay show me how it turns it it changes
from grab the earth causes the moon to continue
falling around it and there are other gravitational forces on such the Sun
okay the gravity causes the earth to fall into the moon okay what do you think saying
known as cotton get her happy of the earth and so expensive does the moon have its own gravity and what would that what would the ratio
be to earth like I don’t know just off the top of my head totally guessing here
like a sick okay and so when we saw I mean cuz clearly I’m a scientist and I
saw the moon landing when you’re astronauts were bouncing up and down it
didn’t at all Louis this is not a conspiracy so don’t get caught up in
conspiracies it didn’t it all look like they were on harnesses or anything like
that because they were literally jumping on the moon right yeah okay and so and
this is this is a little bit advanced here but did you know that the moon has
a rotation you happen to know the miles per hour it rotates ten point five miles
an hour okay so if the moon’s gravity is one-sixth of the earth right and if we
were to jump up we would just land in the same spot right because we live in
an enclosed system right okay even though the earth is spinning at how fast
again I don’t know interesting I’m Louis I’m a scientist and I’ve I know this
it’s a thousand miles now yeah and so if I was to you know get a helicopter and
just hover we wouldn’t be able to just hover for two hours and then have the
Earth’s rotation bring us to New York right I mean that cuz that’s what
happened right and so there’s always four straight down it’s correct it goes counterclockwise
those to the east so we see what we have to do this blow up and then hover for a
while until Los Angeles because you know it’s gonna go from west to east so you
know okay okay are you trying to be your smarty pants right now
all right so back to the moon thing if they were to jump off ten feet since you
know the earth doesn’t have gravity they should literally be able to trap okay
well it’s 1/6 of the earth so they should be able to jump up and because
the moon rotates at 10.5 miles an hour they should literally be able to jump
from one crater to the next just like jumping up in one spot correct well
because the the moon doesn’t have an atmosphere so if we were just to see
well it has something to do with the moon’s rotation at 10.5 miles an hour
okay well it has a lot to do with it because we can’t we can’t do that here
on earth hover and then allow them the earth to spin and then just drop back
into Los Angeles okay so keep up okay okay so if the moon is spinning at ten
point five miles an hour and it has one six to the gravitational whatever
and it has no atmosphere in theory we should be able to just jump up in one
spot and then half the moon rotate beneath our feet
oh it’s not okay well then please explain it just rarely is towards the
center good because if you go up to translate
over okay so it’s like a magnet yeah okay do you speaking of magnets and
so on do you happen to know how many miles human beings have allegedly
drilled into the earth okay why why do I know this answer it’s
allegedly eight miles okay and so do you happen to know the diameter and the
radius of your earth that you live on yeah why would you know that right you
believe it right anyways the diameters about 4000 miles so how do you know
what’s the center of that tip see pop three thousand nine hundred and ninety
two miles away if we’ve only drilled eight miles okay so you patients okay so presupposed notion and
expectations can you show them can you describe what this scientific
measurement is okay so what feel because a man and so in regards to the
sunlight what what is the Sun would that go along with you know with what you’re
talking about my chemistry and stuff like noble gases and whatnot yeah I know
but our atmosphere is okay it’s not so we don’t we don’t have particular
particulates in the air that are aggravated in regards to the sunlight
nitrogen oxygen okay okay and so what if the Sun were I
don’t know possibly an electromagnetic type of light and it aggravated the
elements in the atmosphere and that’s what we perceive as lights as light in
the sky okay what is it that we see as light then how do we how do our eyes and
tris red okay okay that’s right what other what are the
fruits you have will be living on earth your jacket so explain me why the fruit
is flat so you spend twenty my son heard is the Sun after that planet why you
said that planet so if if we were able to give us give you our idea of how the
moon and the Sun go around us in a geocentric environment is it even really
something that you would consider or are you just going to bike away roll your
eyes no but I mean I think Simon gravity Louis I expect you to change my mind have you
ever been in the planetarium before planetariums yes okay and you’re a
comfortable chair sitting back looking up at the sky in the ledge in the
building okay no I’m just saying that planetarium looks an awful lot like the
sky that we see above us right and you’re not spinning or moving right
you’re looking at the looking at the ceiling right right so what if this the
lights that we see in the sky as perceived as stars and planets move
around us in the Sun and the moon like in a geocentric environment and not
as I say with lads and the SEC goes around like this not if not even close okay can I just give you an illustration
here do you believe that if the earth is flat it has to be a disc in outer space
going like this that’s that’s the Sun okay well what if it like we had
mentioned before it goes on infinitely because you can’t fall off yeah what if
the water in the land go on infinitely because you can’t fall off the edge of a
lake can you that’s kind of funny right and so what if you know for example we
were just so happened to be in the environment where the we see the Sun and
we have an environment that’s habitable right and the Sun is closer than you’re
taught and it’s not as big as you’re taught because you wouldn’t just so
happened to know the size and diameter of the Sun would you
but again but again you believe it right okay but again I don’t why not why not it should be
easy but useful yeah I am trying to because I’m asking you questions because and so if the Sun is closer and not as
large in diameter what if it’s just a local Sun and it works more like a
spotlight and so if you’re here in America well I’m showing you right here
and it just goes like here so in Southeast Asia it is 9 a.m. right so
what’s what’s up there to to focus that way just that’s just how it was created
just yeah I mean is it okay to say I don’t know is that scary that is scary
okay so what if I was just to say that the idea that the earth being a firm
motionless plain and flat and leveled the Sun and the moon are the ones that
are revolving around us and it’s really all about perspective
yes okay so how do you explain what you explained was okay mainstream science doesn’t even
agree with you on that she might get the ruler to your hand get a little bap on
the hand yeah the earth has nothing to do with your phases of the Moon it only
has to do the earth it can and it’s called a lunar and solar eclipse yeah
yeah but it has nothing to do with the phases of the Moon just a couple of
seconds ago I said yes okay I guess we need to be
more specific address that louis i’m addressing that
and so but I mean the do you happen to know the diameter of the moon okay see
and that’s playing is like a lot of people believe they live here but they
know nothing about their heliocentric because you don’t know your heliocentric
model and when I when I started to understand the heliocentric model and
understood that the moon can I just sit as my sentence yeah I just did you ask
me how is it that you can’t see the Sun from the other side as I showed you so
if I so I mean it’s one thing after another with you
I hit in one direction to get into an exploratory you can’t go
anywhere so that’s not even a hypothetical idea so why can’t I go
straight in one direction you know why you can’t or it’s a stretch because
you’ll end up in outer space because your airplane we’re on the platters
right now so a compass is worthy when you hold the compass how do you okay so
how does this work on a ball yeah because the North Pole is right here
there are some magnetics field that’s around here that you see goes from self
to the north have you seen this field I have seen yes with your own physical
eyes yes okay what is that called again the aurora borealis right no what is it
gold you can see that with the magnet so you’re presupposing that there’s a your
your lights on yeah but you’re presupposing that there’s an
electromagnetic field because you were told that correct okay okay so if you have to hold a compass
like this and it points to the North right and you’re going east or west what
did you just be doing this because there’s always pointing north so
why would you even Traverse south if you have nowhere to go
what would even be what would even cross your mind to go to South there must be a
way to continue this direction forever how do you know that how how can you not
but ice comes out you’re alleging but I have no reason to go down you know how
you would know that you know how you would know that is you would look at the
Stars because the stars are used for navigational purposes hence a spotlight that’s the Sun well
the stars are just the stars are used for navigational purposes and to know
what time of year it is so if it’s summer
no there are wandering stars the recovery
oh the display enters yeah but I mean you know you’re coming up with like
you’re just coming up with it sounds like you’re coming up with excuses
excuses to explain that one direction I don’t know I’ve never done that before
so what do you think which direction are you going I’m just gonna hit that
direction okay if I just continue in that direction all the time done that so you’re assuming no I know
the earth is round no you don’t how do you know that
because I you can see the curvature of space you’ve been to space needs Sandra
Bullock no I’m just saying I asked you how do you know the earth is a sphere
and you’re taking second and third party information because would you say I’d
love to go in space would you say Sandra Bullock went to outer space to film
gravity what you thought you went to the movie
and you say that’s a movie that’s they can’t do that same trick and
sad for anything okay you don’t think that they’re currently
doing that right no no cuz nobody would mind loss right there and huh do you believe that they’ve been
to the moon absolutely okay and based on what evidence to provide yeah it sounds like it so what but in no
offense but this sounds like you’re putting all of these testimonies
together in a book right and then you’re believing what the book says is being
done to my second and third party information does that so much the third planet Earth I can show you
that Waterlase level okay and if the earth is covered in 75% water how does
that water turn into a spirit I’m just you know assuming yep because I’m taking
second and third party information why not
I can’t believe it well it was I know but you can yeah so where did all the
where’s it where’s all the water more land oh so I don’t we don’t know we can
throw you in the water you can find out which land is so that’s been a blessing
you know the difference between being wet and being dry
correct okay so definitely yes what is it but you
don’t yawn beyond what you see here what you have on this display is it is it an
infinite vacuum sir so you can’t you can’t say that would you say it’s an
infinite back but yeah but you you say that you would believe in mainstream
science outer space is infinite right yes okay
it’s a vacuum cracks it’s a vacuum right no I mean it has to be a vac it has to
be entirely a vacuum yeah so the vacuum of space just allows the Earth’s air and
water to just stay there just because it’s nice did you know that in a vacuum
in a vacuum you cannot have mass no by scientific definition of what a vacuum
is you cannot have mass if I have a solid in a vacuum that’s how
it still has minutes okay but if you look at the definition of science in a
vacuum outer space cannot have mass because
it’s the environment of a vacuum and so learn so where where is it that your
your asteroids and your meteorites exists if they’re if your massacres also
doctor if I can have a solid mass that’s in a vacuum but it still has mass okay
it’s an object that still has made up yeah it is a bit hot yeah
and so how is it that your satellites exist in a 17 or 1500 Celsius degree
environment up there if they’re created here on earth and using the metals and
stuff here on earth doesn’t don’t those metals retain heat materials so with with your vacuum how is it that
the earth isn’t being sucked up how come we’re not being sucked up into the
infinite nough sub the vacuum of space he feels the vacuum is courteous Oh
gravity so if you don’t have an answer for something that’s gravity no I’m
saying that gravity is why your stay here we don’t see a fourth way
into space asteroids are can be pulled into our so we’ve got the with that
gravity right we’ve got the Sun and we’ve got the blue marble right so
there’s a tremendous pull between them right because the Sun is among us right
my knees 93 million miles away but it’s humongous
so we have a real strong gravitational force so they just go right because
there’s angular momentum on the side of the Moon all right sorry the earth going
around the Sun and the sign this again is related to all the other fabulous
event deals from our star well you finish you know what your that
may be true and you’re in my world they say Crouch right into charge and I don’t
hear any convincing evidence to the contrary no there isn’t any that’s why your evidence is a majority of it and no
we can observe water being flag there is nothing beyond those trees do you know
what do you familiar with the curvature calculation of the earth if you notice
customs of the earth okay but you would believe somebody if they told you what
the circumference of the earth if they looked like scientists right okay well I
have credentials of course yes yeah well I play a scientist on YouTube and so
yeah and so the Earth’s circumference is twenty-four thousand nine hundred to one
mile that could be okay and the curvature calculation is eight inches
per mile square okay and so if you have yeah of course you don’t know but if you
were to have from one shore line to another okay yep from one shore line
over a body of water because water is our totem to know that the earth is flat
you shouldn’t be able to see objects that are 1,800 feet from 50 to 60 miles
away and in addition to that a 50 foot towel or even just for example the mast
that’s behind you if that were 50 feet tall and over a body of water on another
shoreline you had another 50 foot Tower and they were Wi-Fi radio transmitters
that were point-to-point at 146 miles between them you shouldn’t be able to
have them communicate with each other on a point-to-point basis but you can and
you could also take and you can also well and this is the science right here
science okay you don’t believe in the curvature tell me I don’t believe
there’s any science to do it could I just interject just a moment yeah you
cannot curvature you can’t yeah so this is it right here you want to take a
picture of it and take it home or type in the Google at home cuz here’s my
youtube channel see and you don’t want to see yourself on YouTube okay so you
don’t want to take any information that would count contradicts what you believe
that you’re saying no so what it just takes and freezy the
YouTube channel and then explore the other possibility so you know that
you’re always going to be held responsible for this conversation
if you don’t investigate your own personal curvature calculations – yeah
but I mean you’re believing that you live on a ball and you have to have
curvature and here it is this is your curvature calculation to show you that
the earth is a is not a sphere because if it were a sphere like we’re taught
then this these numbers on here should be radically different I I don’t know
that I have no way that I know you know and and you have no way to check because
you refuse to look into the information take you one minute yeah you would type
you would type into google curvature calculation oh okay so you wouldn’t
trust it you wouldn’t trust it because it doesn’t verify your own frequency
biased okay and who would that be a dot edu or a.gov who would that be because I got a
YouTube channel right here so you said you’re a scientist what makes you a
scientist I’m a human being and I observe my reality in front of me so
they can verify things don’t have it yeah would you like me to
come by it’s getting a little late oh yeah yeah
if you want okay I’m just gonna take a few things a few lies yeah yeah I do
yeah yeah it’s it’s being able to test
something and do something observe it to be true and then you should be able to
verify what I tested and what I did okay and so with that being said in regards
to the moon landing it landing on the moon allegedly six times up until 1972
how come just for spite just to do it to rub it in the noses of
the Americans Russia didn’t land on the moon a man on the moon okay and what do they have to gain like
why not because it’s in science nobody other than the United States has
verified the moon landing nobody other than the United States has
verified landing man on the moon nobody else’s has verified that they put their
own man yeah verified man on the moon only United States has done well that’s
the sign that’s your scientific method nobody’s you have you’re taking the
United States just government how do you know that yeah okay what environment would that be what
about the Van Allen belt how did they get past the Van Allen belt they they
flew past this but they didn’t know about it so they just went through it
right yeah okay you know I know is there’s a okay and so
how did the rocket get to the moon how did it propel itself in a vacuum that
has no medium like you know our atmosphere that we have here how did it
propel itself in a medium that has okay so the first time ever in 1969 they
landed on the moon by just like slingshotting themselves off of the
Earth’s gravity and then just so happened to get to the moon because of
their math I don’t know the calculations by I believe so okay
essentially first time ever to do it well it was the first time to the moon
to land on the moon man on the moon okay and where does the word Apollo come from yeah kind of just like there it’s like
their crazy religion right why would they why would they name space missions
after n planets for that matter and our days of the week and oddly enough the
months of the year after gods right I mean they want to have a religion or
anything like that what they know right yeah of course you wouldn’t because
people can take over airplanes with box cutters
and so how would how is it that they got the proper because even Van Alen even
even von Braun one of the rocketeers at the time said that the amount of fuel
that would be needed to go to there is an incredibly exorbitant amount to get
to the moon and back so how is it that they got back from the moon with no
rocket fuel at all just the little lunar module okay they really understand so bond brother was just like fish luck okay so he was pretty high up on the
totem pole though you do know that right okay so people can’t be wrong I mean
you’re you’re you’re not wrong obviously because you believe in the globe so you
know there’s no way that you could be wrong you know because the second and
third party information that you’re believing in those second and third
party providers couldn’t be wrong – then deceive you into where you think that
you could me be wrong could you be a very street could you be wrong does that
mean no I mean it’s a G could you be roses because what’s the wisdom what’s
this we stuff yeah okay so that sounds like you’re believing prophets in no I
mean that’s us they are kind of prophets because if you’re believing in something
that you can’t verify yourself and that’s a religion and so like what if the earth you know
in regardless of whether the earth is flat or sphere what if it was just the
fact of talking about something that goes against mainstream are you offended
by people that would bring things up that go against the common narrative
here in America interesting so even with the curvature calculation again going
back to your numbers in your math I am a you refuse to look at what if but what
if they are just let’s just hypothetically say let they are and and
the curvature calculation shows that the earth is much smaller than what you
believe it to be and and you should you should be able to just obviously see
that the earth is a sphere you should obviously see that the earth is a sphere know what about on a high-altitude
balloon 120 hundred and thirty thousand feet in the air okay and what if there
wasn’t and it was called the horizon because it’s horizontal okay okay I do need to get going hey I
appreciate your trying rusty at the fantasy yeah what’s your day we’ll take
the card I am curious hey that’s fine I don’t believe a lot of things what I
look and do it just because I want to keep up on things so well I’m Joshua
pleasure to meet you man thanks Pete bye see you around Cheers alright ladies and gentlemen I’m gonna
wrap it up with some more authoritative contents here on the authentic intent
channel I just want to thank you for joining us for the duration of this
conversation and by all means investigate both sides of the story and
look into other alternatives to medicine politics and where you live this is
Joshua Swift spitting you all I do this is Dan Dix here reporting for press
for truth we’re here in Spokane Washington for the red pill Expo and I
am joined right now by our good friends at World alternative media jeonse nice
and now John I wanted to talk to you a little bit about this coming 5g network
because you are coming from a telecommunications background you you
are very knowledgeable in this area so for anybody who’s maybe just for the
first time hearing about what this whole 5g thing is all about what would you say
is you know it did break it down in a nutshell what is 5g and why should
people be concerned about this well sure let’s let’s just by talking about 5ds
let’s just talk about what we have today like 4G for example so what we have
today is we have a bunch of antennas that are standing you know long highways
or their own buildings or whatever they are and that is kind of today’s system
they have like a central node where you have ports in it for every single person
so they have like they’re like a base station it’s called and in just you when
you pick up your phone and talk or use your texts or anything on it and
communicates with a port in that base station and then it sends that
information to wherever you are you know routing your information so that’s how
it works today the 4G but the 5g system what they plan to do is they plan to
just use those antennas as a backbone so just talking to each other without
talking to the actual phones but what they are gonna do is they’re gonna place
antennas everywhere and the reason why they have to do that is because they’re
going up in frequency so forth with a frequency you need when you go up in
frequency it’s gonna go less and less distance depending on the water so
you’re gonna have to have more wattage which is the radiation the energy that
takes to send that signal so when that radiation comes out they’re gonna have
to amp up the power and and that is what the dangers when I was back in Norway I
was climbing up in cell phone towers and you have to shut down the tower or else
you’re gonna get completely fried your body will be very destroyed and I have a
friend of mine he he can’t go through those naked body scanners and those
radiation chambers at the airports which I don’t recommend anyone do
exactly but he actually like had to go through on once and he just started
puking because his inner workings of his body it’s gotten destroyed by the severe
radiation you get but just going in front of one of those towers and the
today’s 4G towers they usually send out what’s at sixty watts which is you know
it doesn’t sound like much if you know what wattage is but it has the frequency
is so much higher so the radiation of that frequency is more dangerous to you stray it sounds like what you’re saying
is with the the implementation of these new antennas the current antenna system
are they going to be designing like a mesh like a like a giant invisible
spiderweb of radiation that’s gonna be raining down on people how is this gonna
work well yeah what its gonna do is you’re gonna have to have an antenna
like right at your door almost because the frequencies that they’re looking at
running at is you know between six gigahertz all the way up to 60 but the
problem is today I I’m installing with just with 4G I’m installing cell phone
boosters in people’s home I don’t recommend it you ever put that in your
house because it’s now we have a mini cell phone antenna in your house which
is not good for your health but with the new 5g they’re gonna have to completely
like put these antennas so close and so tight that I don’t know if I want to
really be around a place that have 5g because you’re looking at that of course
they’re not gonna have to send out that the 60 watt which fries people but
they’re gonna send it out that they don’t have to send out that a decent
wattage to actually be able to penetrate into the house because most houses today
the for juicing which is 2.1 gigahertz here in North America has problems to
penetrate already so with the new system and they’re talking about different
aspects and ways to like try to make it better and easier for them to penetrate
but I see that as a danger because now you’re gonna have all these antennas
everywhere and they’re gonna constantly you know give you radiation because the
radiation that are dangerous they kind of miniscule II talked about it in the
5g white papers that oh yeah you’re gonna have some but it’s gonna be 10
times less they’re saying and stating but with 4G you you you don’t even want
to have this phone up to your head because you know if you ever been you
know talking like this you’ve had like in felt you know the warmth and
that’s the radiation that are you know damaging your cells well let me get this
straight and correct me if I’m wrong but as I understand it the what they would
like to see is it be Enix capable essentially a global Wi-Fi system where
anywhere in the world you would be able to log on to the Wi-Fi or they would be
able to log on to you is that true is that what they’re going for here a
global Universal Wi-Fi system well if they are not planning on doing that
they’re definitely doing it it might not be the conspiracy but they’re definitely
like that’s where they’re going with it and it’s just an automatic I think of
governments and everybody wanting well of course there’s huge convenience
having access everywhere you are and we’re so addicted to our phones today so
I believe that I’m pretty sure that you know the implementation of this it’s not
going to be you know good for people’s health because of the radiation and in
Norway for example you have housing built like far away from just from the
high voltage lines because that radiation is very damaging for you as
well like people have been approved to get cancer and and bad cancers like
leukemia and so on by you know being close to those antenna so it’s it’s not
good at all to implement this system but it’s super convenient I I would like to
see more fiber optical cables because it’s just light and it doesn’t radiate
anything or damaging you know what the waters and the electromagnetic
frequencies that comes out of these towers but it’s not gonna be as
convenient anymore because you don’t have Wi-Fi you know you you’re not so
portable anymore right so it’s all about the convenience and people will
willingly you know adopt it is because it’s super convenient I I don’t see how
we’re gonna stop it because people are as I said super addicted so I think the
implementation of course the International Telecommunication and
creating all this stuff for all over the world but yeah it’s it’s inevitable I
think that they’re gonna try to implement actually in Morden in Manitoba
in a catalog they’re just implementing a 5g system well is there anything to do
in closing here that people can do to protect themselves from this or to
mitigate it somehow or to reduce the harmful effects that are inevitably
going to be coming well there’s a couple of things you can do kind of course like
shut off your phone and not like not wear like I have right now like close to
you your hair your private parts like just to make sure that you you know shut
off but the problem is if you shut it off you’re not accessible so it’s it’s
harder that way but I would say you’ve probably better off in the long run you
know doing that you can of course get devices and little cages that you can
put around your phone to protect yourself from the radiation from them
and of course if you have Wi-Fi at home you know we can shut it down with you
and use it you know to mitigate the exposure to the risks of the frequency
to the electromagnetic magnetic frequency and of course you can build
yourself a Faraday cage around your house but that’s a little bit extreme
maybe but maybe that’s what they have to do in in the future they’re going to
have to do it but we’ll see where it’s all gonna go I think there’s a lot of
risks that are not getting talked about there’s especially the health risks and
and it’s kind of like it’s come out and in like in Norway where I’m from to you
know every now and then there’s somebody talking about the cancer risk so cell
phone usage but then suddenly just disappears so it’s a I think of course
the big telecom companies doesn’t want to have anybody know that you know they
could get cancer because they would first of all they get massively sued and
then people might wake up to you know how how dangerous the overuse of this is
sure excellent words of advice you know minimize your usage essentially you know
this is something me my my girlfriend has recently implemented a new rule in
the house no no cell phones in the bedroom we turn off the Wi-Fi before we
go to sleep and you know it leads to some some things that you never would
have thought of like I’m reading a heck of a lot more you know I’m not sitting
there in bed scrolling through my stupid social media websites then I’m reading
instead so lots of benefits can come from
reducing your exposure to radiofrequency exposure and just a cell phone in
general so John now once again man thanks so much for talking to us links
will be located in the description below the truth will set you free do you believe in the conspiracy of the
CIA and they conspired records a in secret they need yeah I’m not gonna change your mind either so
I feel yeah of course you do I know you believe in silence and that’s your
religion and that’s totally fine you know yeah this you can’t verify the moon
landing yourself you can’t verify no I’m just saying like if you can agree that
you can verify the moon landing you’re taking second and third party
information and that could be faith so that’s faith yeah I do
and I believe and I bestow mony from other people that have gone to other
countries and then they come back to America and I can go to another country
and I can do that but you don’t and I don’t and she doesn’t have verifiable
resources to go – we can’t though no we can’t go to the moon and we can’t go to
outer space because it’s not real no it didn’t never no he said that you can see
the horizon over water that was his that was his globe proof is you can see boats
going over the horizon well to him it doesn’t to him it’s you know that’s
that’s why the Sun oh he’s so into science it’s
there’s no point in talking to him well he did he asked me if I believe in
gravity and I didn’t answer his question I just asked him he can’t verify the
moon landing himself but he believes that that happened so it’s I’m not gonna
waste my time with something like that



Aug 8, 2018, 9:15 pm Reply

instead of questioning peoples intelligence u should focus on hitting em with hard facts that they can relate to and observe. when you start the way you do you, some get defensive and they shut down the receptive side of their brains imo.. i know you mean well but u might wanna cut back on the sarcasm just a tad 🙂 just my thought

Rancidpunx Crypto

Aug 8, 2018, 9:23 pm Reply

@16min your sarcasm was hilarious guys! Great stuff as always, some good open minded people so far in.


Aug 8, 2018, 9:25 pm Reply

nice one guys, naughty but nice, 3 hours of fun and facts, thanks

Rob Kihn

Aug 8, 2018, 9:29 pm Reply


Steven Atomic

Aug 8, 2018, 9:34 pm Reply

Why would they lie to us? Dr Josh : this Globe they make 30 bucks a Globe ,ha ha ha

Witches Bane

Aug 8, 2018, 9:35 pm Reply

LOL Authentic Intent the science guy rofl

Kennedy Walker

Aug 8, 2018, 9:43 pm Reply

Why are you telling that guy the sun's light isn't reflecting off the moon. Bro, I'm calling you a liar here and now and I demand that you prove that statement to yourself. It makes no sense and there is no reason for it. There is no evidence, this is flat earth dogma lies. Cold light doesn't tell us anything about the light on the moon so all you are doing is make the flat earth as mystical and unknowable as their ball. Post whatever nonsense you think proves this bullshit and then explain to me why you can't be bothered to look at the moon and figure out any of this stuff. It's simple; they can't do a fucking thing with their model, (NOT EVEN PREDICT NOON,) so all you have to do is ONE thing with the flat earth model they can't and that is tell time by the moon and that is directly because the light comes from the sun. You still haven't seen the flat earth for yourself and that makes me sad — flat out.


Aug 8, 2018, 9:55 pm Reply

Dr. Swift, I have a science question. gas pressure requires a container, Fact. According to the mainstream science earth has no atmospheric container and is in the vacuum of space.. are they lying? 💥🌍💥✅


Aug 8, 2018, 10:04 pm Reply

Dr, Swift, I’m concerned that Louis’s conspiracy theories is starting to make you question where you live. I implore you to distance yourself from her and get some more heliocentric indoctrination from scientism, drink 10 glasses of fluoride water a day and start watching tv programming again. The world does not need any critical thinkers questioning their satanic governments.

Plane truth 101

Aug 8, 2018, 10:10 pm Reply

Like the science man approach nice touch Jesus bless you son i luv your commitment it's admirable keep doing it for as long as you can truth is a weapon from God it hurts every time you use it


Aug 8, 2018, 10:17 pm Reply

When a building is demolished, the rubble from the building will always total about 12% of the buildings original height (fact)
When we see the rubble from 9/11 its only about 5% and if you look properly you will see that the towers were turned to DUST!!! How much dust was there? yeah a massive amount.
I think it was demolished by some sort of new weapon…


Aug 8, 2018, 11:07 pm Reply

Who else is ready for a Post Compliance Society???
Celebrate NON-COMPLIANCE DAY on January 1st 2020. STOP paying your mortgages, rents, and bills forever more!!!!! No more USELESS JOBS!!! No more HARM CAUSING AUTHORITY!!
Kick out ALL politicians, police, and gov't agencies!!! Everybody plant gardens and fruit bearing bushes and trees everywhere… especially in front of every gov't buildings and businesses that already have sprinkler systems in place that are watering useless landscape vegetation. All of the harvest from these gardens and ripe fruits can be gathered and brought to the community food distribution centers that used to be profiteering Grocery Stores!
Just tend to the needs of the community you live in together. Work well with others to provide for each others livelihood. Get together and get to know each other and share each others talents and teach them to the next generation. We do not need the gov'ts… we only need Elders with Wisdom and Juniors with initiative and desire to learn, and contribute to the good of the whole community. We DON'T need money!!! We only need to be family that gets up in the morning and helps with the chores… If everybody pitches in we'd all work about 15 hours a week and have tons of free time to dedicate to Art and Culture. All the Hotels can be repurposed to house people as well. In the meantime, brainstorm creative ideas that will help with the permanent implementation of Non-Compliance Day 1/1/2020 Please, lets do this…….. Kick out ALL politicians, police, and gov't agencies, WE can manage our communities without them. https://youtu.be/r3qRm3sXVRU

jason of the disbury family

Aug 8, 2018, 11:25 pm Reply

well done buddy, the surveillance clip you show is scary, we will see a huge increase in unknown diseases with 5g I'm lucky I live in the countryside were its hard to get a cell signal, pity everyone who lives in the bigger cities who will be the guinea-pigs keep it bro

Martin D Metdubbelss

Aug 8, 2018, 11:26 pm Reply

i am looking forward to the day you explain the disappearing of the bottom of the ships of buildings properly 😀 still i appreciate your time doing this dude


Aug 8, 2018, 11:52 pm Reply

15 minutes in and you two are cracking me up with the sarcasm!

Flat Earth Frank Da Tank

Aug 8, 2018, 12:03 am Reply

Hey Joshua, is there a way I can get some of that stuff you hand out? I would be willing to send you some money for a box of goodies. Lol

Timmifer Scottnaud

Aug 8, 2018, 1:21 am Reply

57:01, the Offspring, the kids aren't alright….

gina farrell

Aug 8, 2018, 1:47 am Reply

The sun does NOT reflect the light of the sun, that is a absurd LIE! The moon has its OWN light! For people who believe in the BIble in the creation account it saids clearly that God made TWO LIGHTS THE GREATER LIGHT FOR DAY AND THE LESSOR LIGHT FOR NIGHT!

Trinity 4

Aug 8, 2018, 2:05 am Reply

More killer content from Josh and his friend.

gina farrell

Aug 8, 2018, 2:15 am Reply

We should "Prove all things" ourselves, not just believe what we are shown or told to believe on tv, radio, newspapers or even online.


Aug 8, 2018, 2:20 am Reply

Joshua Swift Working the Flat Earth Shift!

gina farrell

Aug 8, 2018, 2:23 am Reply

The stars & luminaries are Fixed in the Firmament.

Lucid Paralysis

Aug 8, 2018, 2:23 am Reply

The first guy was a gem. Very rarely does someone open admit they only know what they’re told and will also look into flat earth without even ridicululing it. 0% cognitive dissonance


Aug 8, 2018, 2:24 am Reply

Thanks Joshua and Lois for the patience with all the ball lickers out there. It is creepy hearing people blindly repeating what someone told them in school when they should now realize has no basis in reality.


Aug 8, 2018, 2:32 am Reply

Chemist at end of video is a strong believer in his Church of Mainstream Science. Nobody can tell him ANYTHING that counters his faith.

gina farrell

Aug 8, 2018, 2:34 am Reply

There has to be atleast an initial edge because water Always needs to be contained. So there has to be edge. Whats beyond the edge we dont know.

Trinity 4

Aug 8, 2018, 3:01 am Reply

Red hat man at 1:15 is becoming a more common feature. CogDis Locked and loaded with Balls ready to unload a pile of Einstein.

Biff from Back 2 the Future.

Critical Inception

Aug 8, 2018, 3:12 am Reply

Always a pleasure to watch your authentic content! Keep it up, I can't wait for the live show on Monday!


Aug 8, 2018, 3:48 am Reply

Why would they put a racetrack next to a peaceful lake and park? 😕

bill woehl

Aug 8, 2018, 4:48 am Reply

Dude with the red hat, chill, Joshua is not your dog taking orders, he's not your student, not your child, under no authority to you, don't demand anything!!!!

bill woehl

Aug 8, 2018, 5:08 am Reply

There was only one weapon of mass distraction, a body, in "remarkably excellent condition", found in a pit, that was flooded with water, the sarcophagus was on a platform with pillars, the news called him Gilgamesh, his real name is Nimrod. Now they have the DNA to clone him.

bill woehl

Aug 8, 2018, 5:36 am Reply

From the sounds of the traffic, bunch of show offs there, stay off the sidewalks!!!!!

gina farrell

Aug 8, 2018, 7:08 am Reply

In all due respect, how are there adults that still believe went to the moon? There is so much evidence that proves we didn't & never can.


Aug 8, 2018, 8:55 am Reply

With all due respect earth is our creator.

FlatEarth BABA

Aug 8, 2018, 11:28 am Reply

You took that cyclist for a ride.
Keep up, okay 🤣🤣

Anyways Joshua, I’d suggest that you look into veganism before supporting/promoting vegans.
Down with the vegan agenda.
Don’t go vegan.

Meža animācijas studija

Aug 8, 2018, 3:42 pm Reply

Look at the footage, the shadows are parallel and that is impossible to recreate with studio lights. They would need millions of lasers, but at that time lasers were red and were very expensive, that is why it would have been cheaper to just go to the moon. CGI was not created yet at that time. If you are saying that NASA lied then you are saying that thousands of NASA employes, millions of scientists and othere space companies are liying/beeing fooled. they putAlso some mirrors on the surrface to reflect lasers.


Aug 8, 2018, 4:24 pm Reply

My respect for you grows with every video.
You face the world of demonic bigotry like St George faced his dragon.
Power to you and OUR cause to defeat public ignorance of our world….
Your 'obesity' rebuttal, of the absurd 'gravity' argument, was shear genius too!
Very amusing. Thanks.
I think you haven't tried the steamy tea tree infusion yet!?


Aug 8, 2018, 6:27 pm Reply

the hi five is classic LOL

Bob Jackson

Aug 8, 2018, 7:49 pm Reply

nice work josh thanks for taking the effort going out there for us I love it

Elliott Hall

Aug 8, 2018, 9:51 pm Reply

You're a good rapper and improviser. The right words seem to come easily to you. And Lois is a good partner!

intent full

Aug 8, 2018, 10:48 pm Reply

I'm not a flat earther but I agree 100% the globe is nonsense

Flat Earther

Aug 8, 2018, 1:53 am Reply

Keep up the good work there bud

Boo Ranch

Aug 8, 2018, 3:21 am Reply

Love the sarcasm!


Aug 8, 2018, 4:44 am Reply

Kudos and props for both your consistent tenacity and perseverance
against the most difficult odds, JoshuaI’m sure you mentioned it in a previous video but to those globalists
who believe in space et al, it is impossible for an atmosphere to exist on
earth and for space to be a vacuum, without having a solid barrier to separate.
Not sure who said it but they were on the money when they said:
“Truth is still the truth even if no one believes it and a lie
is still a lie even if everyone believes it”.

Authentic Intent

Aug 8, 2018, 4:14 pm Reply


nokomis mn

Aug 8, 2018, 5:45 am Reply

It's perfect how "Somebody's Watching Me" comes crashing in on the peaceful scene at the lake at about 57:10, accompanied by harsh computer graphics. Turn it up loud. This song was eerie when it was released, fittingly, in 1984. Today it's a poignant and powerful anthem for the imminent loss of our very humanity itself.

zeTETic Truth Tube

Aug 8, 2018, 11:19 am Reply

Awesome! The next 3 hours booked for me 😀

brian offski ballbuster

Aug 8, 2018, 12:22 pm Reply

so scary how dumb most humans are.ball brained so trusting in there god like science lol


Aug 8, 2018, 9:45 pm Reply

At 1:30 into video the guy says he got rid of all social media because "it's not real" more or less in his belief. What he doesn't realize is he can't determine fake things from real things so he got rid of the only avenue of finding truth, so now he is stuck with all the other sheeple or as he put it herds of buffalo being led around the great plane of earth by TEL-A-VISION programming. Sad but true. Maybe he will wake up but it don't look good lol.


Aug 8, 2018, 9:46 pm Reply

Great work Joshua!!


Aug 8, 2018, 11:21 pm Reply

Something I question is when I take my phones compass and face it due north. Now very slowly take the horizontal compas and keeping it due north start tilting the compas to a vertical 90 degree and it will still stay on north when my compas is pointing near 90 degree vertical, pointing straight up. Is north now straight up??


Aug 8, 2018, 11:49 pm Reply

A Flat Earth cultist busy at work trying to convert others to his 'batsh*t crazy beliefs.

Basil Brush

Aug 8, 2018, 11:57 pm Reply

We have to put up with Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons 'button holing' people in the street preaching their 'brain dead' beliefs and now Flat Earth fanatics as well. Damn , the world is getting crazier !

Denis L

Aug 8, 2018, 12:51 am Reply

Gravity! Break it down… it gravy!!! Bill Nye… An eye!!!


Aug 8, 2018, 1:02 am Reply

Hey, it's Bill Sly the scientism guy. Awesome outfit dude 😂. So many walk by and don't even realize how severely bad they're being lied to. Your outfit should have raised some serious eyebrows as to why would this guy be out here wearing this crazy getup with all of these FE signs? I guess most people just prefer Bill Nye the bullshitter guy instead, therefore they don't have to actually think for themselves.

Dabs 4 Truth

Aug 8, 2018, 1:36 am Reply

Flat earth is a controlled release to waste truthers time. Makes no difference what shape it is. Who cares if they lie and steal. They are KILLING US!

SimpleQuestion CanUAnswer

Aug 8, 2018, 5:16 am Reply

1:12:00 nice analogy Lois with the railroad track. So its leads me to why can I see the lightpoles that are closer? That's the same as the top of the boat. There has to be a quick answer that the globers can understand and we are just about there with the railroads and lightpoles. Also funny ad libbing and sarcasm with the I'm here to help and all that. I was laughing. Nice job guys. Red hat bro is flat smacked but hearing what you guys are saying.

SimpleQuestion CanUAnswer

Aug 8, 2018, 5:21 am Reply

The guy at work always laughs about flat world when I tell him. Then I ask him for globe proofs and all he has are pictures. I say well can they be faked and how do we know they are genuine? He says do you know how many people would have to be in on that? And I say so you don't have any evidence or reason to think its a globe but you have a philosophy . You have a philosophy about people that you don't know and if they would tell you the truth or not. That's just a belief in what you think people would do. That's not a reason to know your on a globe. I don't know , this feels like its growing lately after a sort of plateau flat earth year.

Dirkardo StEvergreen

Aug 8, 2018, 7:02 am Reply

The existence of the southern celestial pole means you’re wrong. A lunar eclipse means you’re wrong. A sun set means you’re wrong. All of this means you’re an idiot dribbling shit to passers by. Hopefully someone will knock some sense into you.

snide 2

Aug 8, 2018, 1:51 pm Reply

I wouldn't be so stand off-ish.. You have to make your argument the best you can without playing the same angry you are stupid card that people are programmed to play.. I know it's hard to do when people are coming at you but you have to stay above their level.. There are better ways to argue a lot of these points and some of them that you are arguing aren't as sound as they could be..

Why would they lie..

First off ask why would the Government tell the truth if they found that the Earth were not a spinning ball back in the 60's? What would be in the Governments favor in telling the people that they don't know what the Earth is, what it looks like or that it may be an enclosed system.. What would the Governments have to gain or loose? You can reverse the question and put it into context for them..

Also making people believe that they are an accident that is the result of a Big Bang and evolution makes them feel insignificant, it controls the way they feel about themselves..

The money is a huge reason.. It gives the Government the ability to extort from the masses and play with rockets and build their rocket program..

Here is a list I have been working on that gives reasons to be skeptical of the Globe if it helps you..

1) lack of measurable curvature,
2) objects being seen past the curve calculations all over the world,
3) the nature of water always seeks and maintains its own level,
4) periscopes being able to see too far,
5) reflections of the moon or sun on water are never curved,
6) mass attracting mass not being able to be recreated,
7) Gravity is still theory,
8) lack of spin,
9) the impossibility of flight on a spinning ball,
10) lack of flights over Antarctica,
11) lack of north to south circumnavigation,
12) lack of the ability to track planes over southern hemisphere oceans,
13) The Antarctic Treaty,
14) Operation High Jump,
15) Operation Fish Bowl,
16) Leaked Footage of Astronauts faking a spherical Earth,
17) The space shuttle uses a rocket engine to land when it should be gliding,
18) Neil Armstrong's Speech,
19) Astronauts can't keep their stories straight about whether they see stars in space,
20) we went to the moon 50 years ago on calculator tech but haven't been back,
21) Van Allen Belts have now been discovered so moon landings were not possible,
22) the nature of the Astronauts interviews after the moon landings,
23) NASA conveniently lost thousands of reels of the original footage that could prove the the moon landings,
24) lack of 24 hour views of the entire spinning ball,
25) Challenger Astronauts being found alive,
26) lack of motivation to go back to the moon,
27) promises of private space programs never being fulfilled,
28) rocket launch footage always shows rockets curving back down towards the ocean rather than leaving Earth to space,
29) clouds movements on a spinning ball should be able to be measured at different rates of speed relative to the sun at different latitudes on a spinning ball,
30) impossible devices being able to shoot over 200 miles in a straight line such as the Navy's rail gun,
31) toilets don't actually spin backwards in opposite hemispheres
32) perfect circle star trails should not occur on a ball that is performing 4 different motions at the same time with the slowest being rotation speed,
33) the moon may put off cool light,
34) the moon only effects the oceans and somehow leaves other large bodies of water alone when it comes to gravitational pull and the tides,
35) lack of real pics of the Earth,
36) lack of pics of Satellites in orbit,
37) Satellites may be ground based,
38) Arther C. Clark a freemason Science fiction author may be responsible for the idea of Satellites as he wrote about them well before they existed,
39) the horizon always rises to the observer at the highest heights that we can reach with high altitude balloons,
40) we see the same stars at opposite sides of the sun when we are supposed to be facing the opposite direction during opposite seasons,
41) the sun is closer to Earth in the winter in the heliocentric model,
42) there is no stellar parallax,
43) falling and shooting stars never come up from the horizon,
44) night and day has been filmed at the same time,
45) there are eclipses where the shadow comes from the wrong direction on the moon,
46) seasons make better sense on a flat model,
47) crepuscular sun rays suggest a close sun and cannot be explained away with perspective,
48) we shouldn't be able to ever see Venus or Mercury at night,
49) the Michelson Morley experiment,
50) the Aries Failure experiment,
52) the Bedford Level experiment,
51) a cannon shot straight up in the air will always fall straight back down,
52) clouds above our heads curve way too fast to the horizon in every direction which proves perspective is the cause of this illusion,
53) the moons terminator illusion fits a flat Earth model,
54) Antarctic web cam and other footage of a 24 hour sun there are always edited,
55) Earth pics are never pear shaped as Science claims the Earth is
56) Gyroscopes do not detect curve or spin
57) An Atmosphere cannot exist within a vacuum while automatically spinning with the Earth as an enclosed system,
58) Anomalies in Mars Rover footage and evidence that it is faked on Earth,
59) Communication with Equipment said to be in space is not plausible and the battery technology used is unlikely to last as long as we are told it is or to even work at all in those conditions,
60) Wind patterns fit perfectly on a flat earth and don't fit onto a ball at all..
61) Bubbles in space on NASA spacewalk footage
62) Rockets may not even work in a vacuum
63) there is evidence that the Hubble telescope never existed
64) in thousands of hours of space footage no Astronaut ever pans their camera 360 degrees when humans would naturally want to show their surroundings in space,
65) Most big name space programs worldwide have the same vector symbology in their logo which suggests that they are connected,
66) The flat earth society seems to have been created as a disinformation campaign, why create this if there is no truth to it?
67) Stars can be seen through the moon during certain eclipses.
68) NASA is one of the largest consumers of helium in the world and they launch Satellites on helium balloons which should be a red flag.. That Helium sure isn't just for cooling systems..
69) Water could not possably flow both uphill and downhill at the same time as it would have to an a curved ball like surface regardless of gravity..
70) If the Earth were a spinning ball the forces from the spin would very greatly from the poles to the equator
71) If spaceflights to the ISS were real an Astronaut would have filmed his or her entire trip to the ISS by now on their cell phone which we all carry, in fact you will never see Astronauts boarding the ISS..

snide 2

Aug 8, 2018, 2:04 pm Reply

EVEN ON A FLAT EARTH "GRAVITY" IS STILL REAL.. GRAVITY IS AN ADDED WORD TO DESCRIBE THE PHENOMENON OF DENSITY AND MAKE IT ACCOUNT FOR PLANETS FALLING AROUND EACH OTHER BUT IT STILL EXISTS.. Things still fall down, denying Gravity without explaining what the details of your argument is makes you sound a bit crazy..

Ralph Garrett

Aug 8, 2018, 2:09 pm Reply

This is your winning season in Jesus Christ name!

Ralph Garrett

Aug 8, 2018, 2:10 pm Reply

Wowww blessed video!

snide 2

Aug 8, 2018, 2:14 pm Reply


You have to argue these things better.. You will never get people to see the truth with bad arguments..

Boo Ranch

Aug 8, 2018, 2:28 pm Reply

"That's called obesity!" HA HA HA HA

Tom Shaw

Aug 8, 2018, 2:28 pm Reply

a picture is worth 2 thousand words


Aug 8, 2018, 3:28 pm Reply

thank you for your service❤❤❤

Billy Abell

Aug 8, 2018, 5:20 pm Reply

I love what you're doing but some non judgemental advice I would have is not to have any preconceived notions about what folks believe when they approach. I could be wrong so take only as an opinion.
Make America flat again


Aug 8, 2018, 6:39 pm Reply

You Americans seem to blame NASA for everything, NASA doesn’t own space are all the other countries and their space agencies lying? Wake up and realise all this flat earth nonsense is literally Non science.

david longstreet

Aug 8, 2018, 3:13 am Reply

Do you know,these flatards make me laugh,they say look over there can you see a curve no you cant,but the earth is absolutely humongous we are the size of a pin head on it,you would not see a curvejust looking out to sea the curve would be that small you would not see it,

Steven James

Aug 8, 2018, 7:02 am Reply

Flat earth is such an empty topic without the fact that its God's word that is faithful and true and is taken out of context for us all to believe in evolution and a heliocentricity world.
Well done though, maybe some will find Jesus through looking into it.

Frank Neil

Aug 8, 2018, 8:37 am Reply

(Shape of the Earth)
(The Heliocentric deception)
(PhD Scientists proves earth has no curve)
Neo Babylonians could predict eclipses thousands of years ago, using their saros based predictions, which is how NASA and other space agencies predict eclipses to this day. No need for fancy math or the heliocentric model. In addition,
the astrolabe disproves heliocentrism because the stars remain where they have been for thousands of years. With the heliocentric theory, the earth's view of the universe and stars are constantly changing as the earth hurdles around the sun and through the galaxy at tremendously unrealistic speeds. Yet, the position of the stars and constellations have never changed
(Astrolabe disproves heliocentrism)
A fact little known to many is that earth has been proven to NOT be a spinning globe, and this fact was proven during the 19th century with a significant number of experiments and empirical evidence of renown navigators and explorers. Several navigators, including Sir James Clarke Ross and Karl Von Martius, could not see the southern circumpolar constellation and Sigma Octantis from the equator, unlike the north star, Polaris, which could be seen from the equator. These southern constellations can not be seen from all meridians simulatneously, but the northern constellation can be. This observation proved there was no true southern constellation center, and this was a significant discredit to the heliocentric model. In the 19th century, Samuel Rowbotham was absolutely correct in proving the earth was not a spinning globe with over a dozen of his own experiments that were scientifically conclusive and repeatable. Samuel Rowbotham's documented results and evidence can be read in his published work, "Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe", which is dated 1881 and contains over 350 pages (Link Below). The fact that earth has been proven to NOT be a spinning globe has been obfuscated and dismissed by the utmost mephistophelian efforts of a Jesuit derived agenda to hide the fact that our world was created by a creator. Chinese astronomers knew the world to be flat and stationary until the Jesuit missionaries indoctrinated China with heliocentrism in the 17th century. The revelation that earth is not a spinning globe would acknowledge that earth has a firmament, was created by a creator, and that human beings are more than a meaningless cosmological accident in an infinite universe.

It would come as no suprise to those well acquainted with the truth, that the modern mainstream narrative of earth's nature conveniently reflects the freemasonry sponsored ideology of copernican heliocentrism that perfuses and inundates all but every facet of mankind to this day. Copernicus even wrote that heliocentricity was only a theory and could not be proven. In regards to the aforementioned facts, any claims to the contrary are advocated by either the ignorant, or the charlatans. As forseen, the masses never stood a chance. Truth will come to those who seek it through earnest research and experimentation.

("Zetetic Astronomy: Earth Not a Globe" by Samuel Rowbotham. Free PDF download. https://www.globalgreyebooks.com/zetetic-astronomy-earth-not-a-globe-ebook/ 

Linked videos below are supplemental and may provide additional insight for those seeking the truth.

(Pilot finds flaw in the heliocentric model)
(37 Experiments Proving Flat Earth)
(Flaws of heliocentricity)
(19.5 Mile IR Test)
(120 mile IR test)
(Sun NOT setting, fades as it travels away)
(Sunsets on a flat earth model)
(Informative Documetary: Part 1)
(Informative Documentary: Part 2)
(Proof Earth Does NOT move)
(Flying around the world)
(Antarctica Firmament – Prohibited)
(Proof-Sun is not 93 Million miles away)
(Earth is NOT a globe Documentary)
(What Stars Really Are)
(High Altitude Earth View-No Fish Eye)
(What Satellites Really Are)
(Firmament: Dome and virtual image)
(Firmament: Dome for Day and Night)
(We can't go back to the moon)
(On the way to the moon)
(Seasons on a non-globe earth)
(CGi Earth)
(Disney and Nasa)
(Big Bang Theory from a Catholic)
(Catholic Church and Globe Earth)
(Southern Star Trails non-globe earth)
(NASA Documents non-globe earth)

Dr. La 0206

Aug 8, 2018, 4:05 pm Reply

Josh, I love your street activism and your dedication to waking people up. Having said that, I am just wondering if you ever watch your videos and reflect on how you come off to these said people. I am not trying to judge you but I am just offering you my opinion on how I see your attitude with these people. I know that we are all unique individuals and have our set ways but I see the way you are taking your approach to everyone is about the same. But unfortunately, people are not the same and take what is said to them differently. The first black man was very intrigued but you came across as defensive but that was just my opinion. In all, I just want to applaud your activism but would love it if you could talk to them with more patience because most have never even heard of this subject and cannot give an argument on the spot. It would help not make stereotypes of all FEers. Thanks and have a blessed day.


Aug 8, 2018, 9:02 pm Reply

From 20:00, better than SNL !!!


Aug 8, 2018, 9:54 pm Reply

We know how you flattards 'investigate' and do 'research'. You only seek those things that seem to support your bullshit, all of which can be easily trashed.


Aug 8, 2018, 11:02 pm Reply

So how does two celestial poles work on a FE again?


Aug 8, 2018, 1:45 am Reply

@24:00 & @25:00 stone face hillarious LOLL

Annoying B’stard

Aug 8, 2018, 5:53 pm Reply

This the most boring of all flat earth channels.

seb o

Aug 8, 2018, 9:24 pm Reply

HAhahahaha, Neils Degrasse Lieson…. thought the exact same thing when I saw him!

green street

Sep 9, 2018, 12:49 am Reply

they love their balls

Steve Corr

Sep 9, 2018, 10:37 pm Reply

The blind leading the blind


Sep 9, 2018, 3:06 pm Reply


Will S

Sep 9, 2018, 2:58 am Reply

Lmmfao, this is as good as Leno on the Streets making fun of stupid muricans lol
I don't think this is the way to try to gain support.

Arizona person

Sep 9, 2018, 3:04 pm Reply

The Bible is the Infallible, Inerrant, Eternal, Everlasting, Historically accurate,
Incorruptible, word of the living God. (KJV)
NASA, Evolution, Fake spinning ball earth,
Gravity, Planets, Aliens, Global warming, ALL HOAXEs. Wake
up sheeple! God created the Geocentric, Immovable, Stationary, Fixed,
Flat Earth 6000 years ago as the Bible clearly teaches in 145+ scriptures.


Salim Meghara

Sep 9, 2018, 12:41 am Reply

13:30 lmao i had the same thought as you he really looks like neil degrasse tyson xD

Alex Russell

Sep 9, 2018, 11:41 am Reply

I love what you do homie. Keep it up. The only thing is try to have a little bit of a nicer approach to some. I know its hard man and some can be rude. But as soon as you make the person feel stupid they instantly become defensive. You know. And I know I shouldn't be saying anything. You are doing so much more then I ever have done. You are a TRUE SOLDIER. And we have to stop these sick bloodlines that are controlling us and dividing us. And make wars and ensalvaing us with paper money.

Hope to meet all the people that want the truth one day.

Alerta TV

Sep 9, 2018, 10:56 pm Reply

the guy with a red cap is on medication for sure .sleep forever sad

Flat Earth Millionaire

Sep 9, 2018, 5:04 am Reply

A pool table is flat, therefore the balls should be flat. A basketball is a ball, therefore the court should be a ball too. Soccer fields are flat, therefore the ball should be flat as well! Simple logic 👍

pablo zahoran

Sep 9, 2018, 2:54 am Reply

you are doing a great job guys, I am in the same search of truth and real science. I would like to know how pseudoscience explain that the earth travels around the sun but never gets closer, and at the same time its pulling, its weird isnt it, like a force that magically attracts and another magic force that stops that attraction putting a limit, thats hard to imagine to be honest.
anyway, thanks and keep sharing.

Trueth Hurts

Sep 9, 2018, 1:44 am Reply

Joshua, not everyone gets sarcasm… haha.

Kevin Michael

Sep 9, 2018, 1:41 am Reply

I disagree with all the "tread lightly" comments, Josh. We have had this TRUTH out there for over 3 years now. If the mass of indoctrinated fools have not at least given the Flat Earth TRUTH an honest look, then we must show no more mercy on the ignorant masse and show some tough love. I have lost all patience, therefore I will no longer speak of this TRUTH to anybody unless they approach me… I screamed this revealation at the top of my lungs around October 2015 on FB, YT and even wore my "It's FLAT" t-shirts to gatherings that I created. All I heard were crickets way back IN 2015!!! For the record, my "family" and "friends" are ignorant fools…still.


Oct 10, 2018, 1:49 pm Reply

More Crisis actors TO BEEF up the Freemason Satanic Divide n Conquer WAKE UP PEOPLE PLEASE / spend a few hours like flat earth exposed or Eric dubay a Paedophile in Bangkok Wake up or Check out Del and his Satanic Tattoo's ? critical thinking ? come on wake up /


Oct 10, 2018, 3:33 pm Reply

Flat Power!


Oct 10, 2018, 2:31 am Reply

Given that at FE 2018 a conference ostensibly devoted to addressing topics of science (the nature of the universe and the shape of the earth) – why isnt there a single scientist – but instead a panel of whom 75% are christian creationists ?

Do you think that a cooking panel without a single chef would be a good idea ?

Have you considered the possibility that scientists reject the FE model is because FEs dont understand science ?

Mumen Rider, Bicyclist for Justice

Nov 11, 2018, 5:13 am Reply

Are you guys in the twin cities? Zoom truth brought me here.


Dec 12, 2018, 9:58 am Reply

Obease home utuber viewer after whole duration at end you mean thats not really Bill nye science guy…

Max JK

Feb 2, 2019, 6:37 am Reply

Nice to see you again bro long time no see hope you have good health now. Thnx for doing this 👍👍👍 take care bro

Garry Reid

Sep 9, 2019, 1:04 am Reply

this guy is right,that's what he was told..same as all of us

Garry Reid

Sep 9, 2019, 1:07 am Reply

not flat erf,its a flat earth..simple just look at the flat errf,even people from England cant speak English…why do they teach simple English in school when people cant speak a simpleword earth


Dec 12, 2019, 10:44 pm Reply

I'm all for this type of approach to the public, but this guy in the lab coat was awful. His attitude is super shit and condescending. I wouldn't watch another one of these videos unless I was looking to be annoyed. This is the type of shit that makes truthers and flat earther look bad. Thumbs down. Go watch some ODD. Learn something.

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