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פינצטה נכסים Case studies – buying apartments in Tel Aviv 2019

Hey this time we’ll talk about the Tel Aviv quarters and we’ll analyze two real-estate deals the area asking price how long the apartment was on the market and at what price the deal ended let’s start with the city’s quarters like every major city tel aviv is divided into quarters and each district has its own unique aspects in the following videos we will talk about the uniqueness of each quarter and the transactions made there let’s start in the center of the city the third district called the old north the fourth district called the new north and the fifth historical district called the heart of the city we’ll focus on areas three four and five that usually interests our customers and today we will focus on the third district called Old North the street that separates between the old north to the new north is even go viral this is the street that separates the old north we will begin with the old north q3 which is the main interest of overseas customers many buildings are in the Bauhaus style and many of them are three to four floors the apartments in these buildings are characterized by balconies and very high ceilings in much of the old north there are preserved buildings and much of the old north was declared by UNESCO as the White City therefore the construction in this quarter has severe restrictions and almost no new construction takes place let’s talk about prices the old north is considered to be an expensive quarter in the area near the beach is the most expensive part because of the parking shortage in the area adjacent parking to the apartment significantly increases the price sometimes to more than 100,000 and 150,000 dollars regarding transactions made in old north in 2017 the data is based on the data of the tax authority of course this is an average and does not give us information about whether there is an elevator in the building there is parking adjacent to the building and air directions in 2017 565 apartments were sold in the old north at an average price of seven hundred seventy thousand dollars which is equivalent to two million nine hundred two thousand Israeli shekel the average price per square meter was thirteen thousand three hundred dollars now case studies on sale transactions in the Old North District revealed the following information the first apartment that was made available sold in a most thirty-six the actual apartment area was 71 square meters with three rooms three floors parking no elevators directions facing north west and south a front view of a most street which is quiet and green good apartment state that can continue to rent in as is condition and a good location on a quiet street the first advertised price for this property was nine hundred fifteen thousand dollars or three million four hundred thousand Israeli shekel rent in this area averages around twenty two hundred dollars the first ad for this apartment was published on July 31st 2017 and it sold on February 12th for eight hundred forty eight thousand dollars or three million two hundred twenty thousand Israeli shekel this averages out to a selling price per tube you squared meter of sixteen thousand $115 here is the sales report pay attention to the fact that the price for square meters is related to two boo square meters if you don’t know what to boo area is please watch our first video the sale process for this property took six months here are some remarks about the deal the apartment is in a very desirable location 200 meters from Hilton Beach the area has a parking problem but the apartment has parking the buyers are in Israeli couple that works in high-tech to get full details in the apartment you click the link below the second deal is an apartment that’s sold in hi Kron 173 here is the building and the apartment and location and here’s the location as you can see it’s 50 meters from Tel Aviv marine and Hilton Beach the actual apartment area is 63 square meters with two-and-a-half rooms three floors snow parking and no elevators it faces west and south with a front view facing west sea view the apartment is in good condition located 50 meters from Hilton Beach and the marine the publication date was on May 12th 2018 with an advertised price of nine hundred eight thousand dollars rent in this area averages to between $2,300 and $2,800 the property sold on June 24 to 19:4 $755,000 or 2,000,000 845,000 checkol the selling price per to booth square meter is fifteen thousand four hundred dollars it’s a very desirable apartment to rent to tourists for short rents here are the original first ads for this apartment here’s the sales report the apartment was on the market until closing two months ago in nearby hotel also competed to buy the apartment in order to rent it also in short-term rentals one of the reasons for the favorable price was that the rent for the apartment was paid in advance to the owner and the rental contract was closed until the beginning of 2019 for full details on the apartment you can click the link below that’s it for this time see you in the next video don’t forget to subscribe to our channel so you can get information and tips on real estate in Israel in the meantime you are welcome to visit our website www.sceeto.com and don’t forget if you have any questions ask pan Zeta by Zeta real-estate Tel Aviv

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