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Пхукет. Часть 5. Maya Bay, шоу FantaSea, Банглароуд

Ayida: Greetings my friends! With you again are Samat and Ayida. Samat: And this is our fifth, final series dedicated to Thailand. Ayida: I want to remind you that in the previous series we rode on the tarp in the “World of Hanuman”. Samat: Admired the tides on the island of Coconuts. Ayida: We went on a sea excursion along the Phang Nga Bay … Samat: … where we felt ourselves like heroes of the cult film about the 007 agent. Ayida: We also visited the village of sea gypsies that were built on the water and rolled on canoes. Samat: Well, today, we are expecting an equally rich program. Therefore, friends, make yourself comfortable. Ayida: Let’s start! Samat: We started our day, visiting a very interesting place, the resort hotel Village at Coconut Island. Ayida: It is located in a quiet location on an island on a private beach overlooking the stunning Phang Nga Bay just 5 minutes by boat from Phuket Town. Samat: Village offers a variety of accommodation, from one or two bedroom suites to two or five bedroom villas. In addition to a well-equipped kitchen, rooms include an outdoor pool or a hot tub in their own garden. Ayida: Guests are offered the best opportunities for water sports in Phuket, including sailing catamarans and dingy boats, sapsurfing and windsurfing. Samat: Guests can play tennis and volleyball or go mountain biking. On request, the hotel organizes Thai boxing classes and master classes of Thai cuisine. The hotel has a fully equipped gym. Ayida: Individual sea excursions can be organized from the hotel’s own pier at any convenient schedule for the guests. A variety of massages and treatments are available at the Village Spa. Samat: Boat trip to Phuket Island takes 5 minutes. The Village Coconut Island has a 24-hour water taxi service, which leaves every 30 minutes. Ayida: We were delighted to stay at this wonderful resort and island. #ONE TRAVEL and Pegas Touristik definitely recommend you a resort hotel – Village at Coconut Island. Samat: Next, we are going to another hotel. Five-star resort hotel Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay. Ayida: It is located on the edge of a cliff with a stunning view of the Andaman Sea. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna and a restaurant. Families with children can spend the day in the children’s area, and adults can relax in the sauna. Samat: All 194 comfortable rooms are designed for non-smoking guests and fully equipped with modern amenities. The rooms have a flat-screen TV, a minibar and a safe. Ayida: A private bathroom with a bath or shower is equipped with free toiletries. The hotel also has spacious suites with a private pool on the terrace. Samat: In the restaurant and bar you can taste dishes of different world cuisines, cocktails and other drinks. Fresh coffee and refreshing drinks are available at the café. Ayida: The city center of Patong, famous for the nightlife of Bangla Road, can be reached within 10 minutes. Kamala Beach is 4 km away. Samat: Guests consider that here the best value for money in Patong Beach! #ONE TRAVEL and Pegas Touristik recommend you the resort hotel Wyndham Grand Phuket Kalim Bay. Ayida: Well, at last one more hotel my friends. Samat: The resort complex Crest Resort & Pool Villas is located near the center of the resort of Patong. Ayida: The hotel offers stylish rooms and villas with a swimming pool. This complex with an outdoor pool and free Wi-Fi is located on the hillside. From its territory there is a magnificent panoramic view of the Andaman Sea. Samat: The distance to the beautiful Paradise beach is 3 km. It takes less than 10 minutes by car to the lively Patong. Ayida: All rooms and villas are equipped with air conditioning, a safe and a flat-screen TV. There is a minibar, an electric kettle and a private bathroom with a shower. Next to each villa is a private pool. Samat: Guests of the resort complex Crest Resort & Pool Villas can order various dishes in the restaurant, as well as work out in the fitness center or visit the spa. Couples in love especially like the location of this hotel. #ONE TRAVEL and Pegas Touristik recommend this resort. Ayida: We fell in love with Pang Nga Bay and Phi Phi Island so much that we decided to go on another sea excursion of the same name. Moreover, it differed from the previous one by the fact that we will visit other islands of the bay. Samat: After an hour of driving on a speed boat, we arrived at the world famous Maya Bay beach from the Danny Boyle – Beach movie. Many tourists for some reason think that Maya Bay is an island. In fact, this is not an island, but a bay and a beach on one of the islands of Phi Phi. Ayida: Bay of Maya Bay is surrounded by high cliffs, so winds do not penetrate and high waves do not rise at sea even during the rainy season. Calm and clean sea, white sand and a beautiful view of the rocks everything you need for a paradise holiday on the beach. Samat: This place would be ideal for lovers of beach holidays, if the bay was not so popular and dozens of boats with tourists did not come here daily. At the moment, there are so many people on the Maya Bay beach that it is almost impossible to take photos without tourists and enjoy its beauty. Ayida: It used to be a paradise desert beach, hidden in a bay and surrounded almost on all sides by high cliffs. I realized that there was no paradise in Thailand for a long time that’s why I did not count on much, because a large flow of tourists makes itself felt Samat: The film “The Beach” in 2000, starring young Leonardo DiCaprio, tells about people who found Paradise on the ground on the beach in the Bay of Maya Bay and formed a commune there. Very many young Europeans, after watching the movie “Beach” are eager to visit this place in Thailand. Ayida: By the way, the film showed a completely enclosed bay surrounded by rocks, but in fact, it was a camera trick and montage. Samat: If you shoot from the extreme left, you will feel that the bay and the truth are surrounded by rocks from all sides. Ayida: Arriving on the beach at 08:30 in the morning, we stayed another 1.5 hours, and believe me, that was enough. Samat: While Ayida was swimming and just enjoying beach rest, I imagined myself the hero of the young DiCaprio, and tried to repeat the scene with his participation. Do you think it turned out or not? Ayida: We, #ONE TRAVEL and Pegas Touristik definitely recommend you to visit this beach and preferably in the early morning, because at 9 am people on the beach are few and the sun is shining “right” for beautiful photos. Samat: Near the bay of Maya Bay there is another popular place among tourists – the cave of the Vikings. In it, swallow nests are mined, as they are a useful and very expensive delicacy. Ayida: Soup from this raw material has a large number of medicinal properties and is an excellent aphrodisiac. The cost of 1 kg of swallow nests reaches up to $ 500. Samat: Next, we were expecting a standard sea program. This is lunch, snorkeling near reefs, feeding monkeys and of course relaxation on one of the islands. Ayida: The day passed like 5 minutes, and towards evening we drove back to our island of Phuket. Ayida: Darling, what are you doing? Samat: What? Ayida: What are you doing? Samat: Do you remember I have published an elephant for sale on LALAFO? Ayida: Yes, I remember Samat: You probably heard then how many notifications are coming… Ayida: Yes, I heard Samat: Well, these are potential clients who would like to purchase this elephant from me. As you can see. I bought lots of souvenirs. And now I am publishing their photos on LALAFO. Samat: I think we will be able to sell them all and even hope cover some part of our travel expenses Ayida: Wow Ayida: Remember, as in the previous series, we showed you passages from Siam Niramit show. So, there is a similar night show in Phuket, and the name is Show Fantasy. Samat: We could not calmly spend our evening at the hotel, and decided to visit and show you this show from the inside. Ayida: Fantasy show is a show and a large theme park in an area of more than five square kilometers. Friends, you won’t beleive, but we finally have arrived to the long awaited show about which we heard from the very beginning of our staying in Phuket It is a Show Fantasy. It is practically as large as Siam Niramit show. This show, as it turned out, is so popular, that it was visited by many world celebrities. Such as Jay Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, Rihanna and many other celebrities. This show is very massive. Just imagine, there are more than 150 artists and lots of animals are involved in the show. 34 elephants, 3 tigers, lots of buffalos, goats, even chickens But unfortunately we are not allowed to record this show. Of course we will share our impressions after seeing the show. Samat: There are two main buildings in the park. First is the Elephant Palace – there will be a presentation. Second is a restaurant with 2 halls: The first hall – with a standard dinner, the second – with seafood. Ayida: Park Fantasy reminds me of an Asian Disneyland Eyes run up and you feel yourself as a kid who doesn’t know where to begin And we are in anticipation of this show. Ayida: The rest of the park is filled with exotic animal enclosures, children’s attractions, souvenir shops and small shops. Samat: Wow, friends. Here all animals are albinos. These ones are albino turtles I am stunned, we have never seen such thing. Samat: The show starts at nine in the evening. We had two hours free. And therefore, we entertained ourselves as best we could. Ayida: First we looked at animal albinos: there are turtles, fish, various birds and even tigers. Samat: And I, in order to absorb the Thai culture completely, communicated with them as best I could. Even through dances Ayida: Then, we went to dinner. This luxury restaurant operates on a “buffet” system. Opens for guests from 17:30 Samat: We were just told that this restaurant can serve at a time more than 4000 people. It is one of the biggest restaurants in Asia, can you imagine. And they praised the interior decoration of the restaurant. Let’s see. Ayida: The usual menu features dishes of European and adapted Thai cuisine rolls, soups, salads, French fries, rice, fish, meat and chicken in different versions. Dessert and fruit. Exclusively only for us, we are allowed to go not into the common room, but to a special area where only seafood is served Samat: This restaurant is called the seafood of Suriyamas. The interior is completely made up of furniture and details of gold shades and it actually looks luxurious. We felt ourselves as a Thai nobility. Ayida: The show’s opening time has approached, and we rushed to the main building, to the Elephant’s palace. Samat: Since we can not shoot a show, we will try to describe it in detail. Ayida: Fantasy is a Thai circus theater, on the stage of which a one and a half hour performance is played based on the ancient legend. The first premiere took place in 1998. Since then, Fantasy has become one of the most popular shows in Phuket. Samat: The basis for the colorful theatrical performance is the legend of Prince Kamal, who saves his beloved from evil spirits with the help of a sacred elephant. You will see Thai traditional dances, elephant shows, acrobats, clowns, illusionists, gymnasts on the stage. Ayida: The show starts at 9pm and comes an hour and a half in English and Thai, but there are not many dialogues, emotions and feelings are transmitted by music. Places are divided into standard and gold, according to their location relative to the stage. Samat: About 40 elephants, 400 people and many other animals participate in the show. Most suitable for families with children. The atmosphere of a fairy tale and a holiday! Ayida: The auditorium can seat up to 3,000 spectators, and the stage is so great that live buffaloes, goats, chickens and other animals are used as decorations of the Thai village. Samat: The show begins with a defile on the central aisle of forty elephants, accompanied by the drivers, dressed in national costumes. Ayida: And over the heads of spectators acrobats make dizzying tricks. They are highlighted by soffits and look like stars. Samat: As you understand from our description, this show is amazing! #ONE TRAVEL and Pegas Touristik strongly recommend that you visit the Fantasy Phuket show! Ayida: So our unforgettable 11 days passed. And on the last evening, we decided to visit another attraction of Phuket – night Bangla Road. Samat: Bangla Road is the entertainment center for Phuket’s nightlife. There are entertainment for every taste: restaurants (including McDonald’s), bars (drinking and live music), discos, souvenir shops and, of course, Go Go bars, a variety of Thai shows that the whole world knows about. Ayida: Everywhere, music rumbles, full of people, half-dressed brightly colored transvestites offer to take a photo with you for 100 baht. On both sides of the street there are girls, calling in bars or handing out flyers to discos. Right on the sidewalk often jugglers and dancers perform , collecting around themselves a dense ring of curious tourists. Samat: Probably there is no tourist who would visit Phuket and not come to the famous Bangla Road. Everyone hello! Samat: So, friends, this is our rubric “Replying to questions and comments from Social Networks” We tried to choose the most interesting and meaningful questions, because there were lots of them. They were coming both to Instagram as well as to youtube channel. So let’s start. Ayida: First question, from where you departed? Samat: This time we departed from Almaty But from December 2017, international tour agency Pegas Touristik started straight charter flights from Bishkek to Phuket. So now friends, you can fly straight from Bishkek to Phuket. Ayida: How long does it take to fly to Phuket? Samat: Flight from Bishkek to Phuket approximately takes 7 hours. Ayida: Do citizens of Kyrgyzstan need a visa? if yes, how much it costs? Samat: Generally citizens of Kyrgyzstan need visa called touristik visa, which costs 40 dollars. It is very easy to get it. Ayida: Let’s continue. Which hotel would you recommend? Samat: In Phuket there are more than 100 hotels. And I am sure that each hotel or resort will find its customer. Some suit better for couples, some for single travellers, and some for big families. In the series of #ONE TRAVEL about Thailand, we tried to show many different hotels I am sure that after watching our TV show, you will find the hotel which suits you best. Ayida: Next question. We always try to follow your travelling. But we are not sure which country to choose: Thailand or Vietnam. Samat: I will try to answer. These are absolutely different countries although they are located in the same region. Thailand is very developed for tourists. Tourism is being developed here actively for the last 30 years. Especially in Phuket for the last 10-15 years. Thailand is developed in terms of entertainment, excursions, infrastructure and hotels. Vietnam is more virgin. We have been both in Vietnam and Thailand and can compare them. In Vietnam, there is Nha Trang city which is considered as a tourism center of Vietnam. Also there are other historical cities like Hồ Chí Minh City, Hà Nội I think each tourist will find own convinient sides both in Vietnam and Thailand. Ayida: It is needed to add the Vietnam has an island of entertainment which is called Vinpearl. Samat: Next question. How tourists are treated in Thailand? Ayida: Remarkably. You know, Thai people for the last several years got so used to meet millions of tourists. Thailand is called a country of smiles. You know, Enlgish languages is in common use But Thai people can greet you in several languages. In every hotel there is for sure russian speaking personel. Especially in such touristic agencies as Pegas Touristik, there are surely russian speaking guides. Samat: By the way, many of them are our fellow countrymen from Kyrgyzstan. Which month is the best for traveling to Thailand? Ayida: Period from December to March is the most favorable months to visit Thailand. Samat: Which excursions you recommend? In reality there are many excursions in Thailand. They are all different, during day time and evening time. Let me start from evening time excursions. It is for sure Siam Niramit show which is in Guinness World Records book. Also I recommend Show Fantasy which is located in Phuket. And of course, just to check for each tourist is the famous show of Phuket – the show of transfestites. Then there is Phi Phi archipelago with its islands, where the islands of James Bond are located and the famous Maya Bay where ‘The Beach’ movies was shot. Ayida: The rest will be kindly shared with you by your russian speaking guide from Pegas Touristik travel company. Thank you very much for your questions. Samat: There were many questions and we tried to choose the most interesting and important ones. See you my friends Ayida: So our journey has come to an end. We tried our best to reveal all the charms and beauties of the island of Phuket. Samat: We are in Thailand for the second time and recommend you to visit this country at least once! Ayida: If you could not watch or missed the previous episodes, be sure to check them on our Youtube channel ONE TRAVEL. Samat: It is better to subscribe to our channels in the social networks. Then, you will travel with us. Ayida: For now, see you in new episodes and in a new country! Samat: See you, my friends! Ayida: Bye-bye! Ayida: Beyonce, Alicia Keys… Samat: Rihanna Ayida: well, ok Samat: Unfortunately, we will not be allowed to ricord…record… unfortunately…we not… unfortunatelly we will not be allowed Samat: Do you remember? (Ayida laughing) Ayida: Standart registraion is… well when guests are arriving to hotel…mmm Samat: That’s it? Ayida: Well, ok Ayida: I wanted…I was looking at this island, and… I want to come back to this island, do you too?



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