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Проблемы Аренды квартир в Испании/Недвижимость в Испании

And we are heading to my beloved
Manilva she is somewhere around 100 kilometers from me because in the evening
we were unable to leave us yesterday there was no light again friends here it is not
the fact that there was light was not the fact that when you trust someone yes I have
there is a person with keys who transfers keys which are small for it
money I pay for it but nonetheless 20 euro per customer meeting in spanish
by standards, this is basically normal money to make some decision but it
it doesn’t work that way, that is, if everything ok you need to open the doors shut the door
then yes then no problem suddenly arises something like a lack of light
it’s not clear why I’m going now. to understand then everything stops here
you can lose the client and us a month and a half in principle
good request as they say therefore it will be very a pity if we
lose a person yes on the one hand and he liked this apartment he wants
I leave on the other side of the world no no one can explain the phone
Well, as if explains that he is not no more
and naturally this question but as if need to be decided on the spot today I am 8 am
already called the company did not say something was an accident now it is fixed
but I can’t even at this stage now call a person to go
looked because if not but on nervous account that are shown in every way
and naturally I will go to you myself sort out all this populate
customer morale so far im what i want you convey that you must very carefully
look with whom you work look for those people what functions are you not
trust if but many believe that if a company gives good advertising like
management company will not be this engage you are very deeply mistaken
Your apartment will be occupied exactly until as long as everything is clearly smooth well then
is at minimal physical cost and not cost and God forbid again if
you give the keys fu company yes let’s say to a company that sells
real estate nose does not specialize in rent
then ask to fly with these things nobody will be engaged for sure, but I
I will not escalate, we will decide today the question is that I just like you
as they say warned means armed and Well, we got to the city and while I
waiting for those all technical services are opportunity to show you a little city
that there is a marine theme certainly because all the same by sea and
where without catholic cathedral little he is here
here is this nonsense fellow tribesmen terracotta beauty hear the bells by the way when he rings
from the apartment you can definitely hear ringing bells I’m sitting right
opposite the house directly opposite the entrance who called an electrician a guard who can
and the glass clock will arrive at what time it is now quarter to 11
no time, I don’t have to wait for them to me they hid the bottom box
because some kind of good creature apparently switched my light to the neighbor
we’ll see how it ends because you lift my friends my
you can see the house this is my window
already opened balcony and
brought a little closer and see the sea palm trees
That’s right ats silence is not at sea not right
to find not waves, not twigs but not worst place to wait I climb
so here is such a fig shadow and this one our counter didn’t run nifig
and now flashes as a result as you can understand electric electricians u not
waited and we had a shot with the guys
rent this apartment straight here to push open this door and and
find the problem yourself lack of electricity in our house a very strange week I stood out with
arenas even down 1 rental with several I’m here with
I want to share with you that if your apartment is really abroad
and handed over to management or someone to you in it controls you
naturally some things we well not upsets the hosts maybe not somewhere
inform you not to bother once again but as for me, but when is this
one on the other will not bother you I’ll bother you. I’ll tell you what’s going on.
when checking into one apartment with me people
moved out and took the keys and now the sixth the day went like they don’t give away with all these
keys with all that while we agreed that after the return we
count and return the money but the people just relaxed and in no hurry what in
In this case, I do not know yet, but I’ll tell you how this story ends
because we settled into whom we can’t we have requests for this apartment is about
this we wrote to our guests but they somehow they don’t respond if they say yes
Yes, we will come by ourselves one story that is with me now
has been going on for six days now as we trying to solve it unilaterally
ok they write we are like a master apartments and agree and recount
to consider but there is no answer yet hello how will it end i’m sure
I’ll tell you because the story is one completely not from
single so here we go with a minus to and pulled
about that core a new lock for a screwdriver to change okay, we are without nationality
just a day was drawing to a close and he was wonderful breakfast and waiting for you new
adventure the most important thing is always to find a common language
with your environment this is probably the most most importantly thank you so much for watching
this video to the end put likes subscribe to the channel and leave under
this video if you need what you need some crawled
information is all connected there under this the video in the description with you was Oksana
Maikov, bye, see you next time video.



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Петр Петрович

Oct 10, 2019, 7:24 pm Reply

По моему, город этот вы уже показывали. Что там со светом?

Sergiy Khlus

Oct 10, 2019, 2:29 am Reply

Оксанка спасибо очень интересно


Oct 10, 2019, 5:27 am Reply

Оксана, спасибо. Полезное видео. У каждой медали есть две стоны. Как правило мы видим только плюсы. Вы очень тактично показали решение одной проблемы.


Oct 10, 2019, 5:29 am Reply

При сдаче квартир в аренду скучно не будет ?

Natalia Gustafsson

Oct 10, 2019, 7:19 am Reply

Мы очень много раз жили в арендованых квартирах в испании в разных регионах. Нам всегда везло и с квартирами и с теми людьми, кто выдавал- принимал ключи. Случай с отсутствием света конечно экстремальный, слава богу такого или что-то подобного не было…..Было правда один раз, лампочки еле- еле светили в ванной и на кухне, самые маломощные были вкручены. Пошли купили новые лампочки и все дела! Предварительно написали смс " ключнице" , что мы хотим поменять лампочки. Она ответила " ок". Истории иногда до абсурда доходят…. знакомая ключница рассказала, что однажды одна семья перед отъездом ( жили 1 мес. зимой) потребовала пересчитать арендную оплату потому, что ПОГОДА была плохая!!? Есть клиенты, которые по мелочам трезвонят , типа " у нас швабра не современная, а от царя Гороха", " у нас нет маленького ножа, а овощечисткой я не могу картошку чистить"… и моя знакомая или свою швабру / нож везет таким или покупает….Люди приезжают на отдых и не могут расслабиться и получать удовольствие от природы, тишины и покоя… Да наплевать на швабру, нож, отсутствие коврика у унитаза – вы на отдыхе!! А не можете никак без этого, то купите сами! Летом многие приезжают на 2-3 недели и тратить время и нервы ( себе и " ключнице") на такие мелочи просто глупо! И такие заскоки пресущи нашим людям с постсоветского пространства.
* А были ли у вас какие случаи при аренде И как это разрешилось? Напишите, если не трудно*
P.S. написала " ключница" для краткости. Не знаю, как правильно назвать чтобы одним словом, сорри! D.S.

Сергей Богачев

Oct 10, 2019, 8:48 am Reply

Хорошее видео. А чем отличаются крупные управляющие компании от частников? Есть у вас такая информация?

Juan Jose Pardo Olmo

Oct 10, 2019, 6:22 pm Reply


Marina Brodska

Oct 10, 2019, 10:58 pm Reply

????засмотрелась ??


Oct 10, 2019, 1:19 pm Reply

В каждой профессии есть свои подводные камни. Оксана, вы справитесь ?

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