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Как снять квартиру в Италии. Аренда апартаментов и вилл.

Hello dear friends! My name is Svetlana. And today we’ll talk about how how rent an apartment in Italy, for how long it is better do, how to sign the contract, which all sorts of nuances in this terms of how much it costs and what the consequences. So, my friends! I must say that there are two types of lease – short-term rental and long term rental. Short term rentals for those who come to Italy briefly, that is, you are coming here on vacation for two weeks, three weeks or even a month, but still you it makes sense to take an apartment for short term rentals. The second type of rent – a long-term lease on a few months or more. There, for six months, a year, and so on. Let’s see what nuances and what should be note. If short-term lease, of course, to help you airbnb, this is your booking. Complete list of links to services that can help you in the search for short-term rental apartments in Italy or at home in Italy, or a room, I’ll leave the description to this video. Therefore, if you want, of course, all this will be at your disposal. The short-term rental is different from the long-term? The fact that you are the most protected from any bureaucratic procrastination. That is, you have rented over the Internet this apartment that is, you find it on sites of special, services, are engaged in short-term rental apartments, you agree through this service with the owner, you send money service this or the owner, there is already depending on the site, through which you are looking for. You come, and you have nothing to do. You are greeted by the owner of the apartment, with joyful toothy smile, hands you a key that shows you where that It is how it works, take with you often some certain deposit for the safety of the property. its size varies from one hundred euros and above, up to five hundred, to six hundred euros, he can be for any big house. And you no longer have no headache. That is, you do not need to conclude any contracts with resource-supplying organizations, you do not need to think about anything, you just live, enjoy. You just live in this apartment and enjoy their vacations, their pastime in Italy, weather, nature, sea ​​and relax. Very often when entering the master you still ask sign the contract specified that rather aims the fact to protect the host. It is usually in English, some owners it is made in Italian – I do not know how you will evaluate it, in the Italian language, without knowing the language, however, such cases happen. You have to master certain agreement that you in his apartment will be a certain number of a certain number, or even specify the time in which you You will have to leave the apartment. Usually, at the exit, you will also meet with the owner. Some do not come, I can tell you so, some just asking to leave the key in a specific location. This is especially true of some small apartments, there where the risk is that you have something to mess up, cause damage minimal. But! If it is a large house, the most often, it is called checkout, the owner comes in and makes the checkout. That is, it looks, everything is okay, ask you, whether there is any damage it. That is – if you broke something. If something broke, is already on the owner’s discretion, counted whether through here this deposit, which You left him at the entrance to the damage. He values ​​it himself. That is, this is a somewhat slippery moment, that is, he is the owner’s discretion. In addition, if you should have to leave you there, An hour later an airplane, for example, there, or two hours later plane, you will not have time to somehow argue this challenge, and, in general, that such here situation. Therefore, of course, try to be careful in a strange apartment, try not to break anything, did not break. Well, if it really happened, the owners of many apartments, Still, there, behind the broken glass you will not be deducted (There, how much it can cost – one euro, two euros), All the same you probably will smile, give all your money and wished a pleasant homecoming. If short-term lease all the resources that you use, ie: electricity, gas, water, TV, Internet – all this is usually included. Friends, however, note that there may be not included heating. This is especially true of some large houses, villas. If you come, for example, on New Year’s Eve in the big house, large villa company or his family shoot some large object, keep in mind that most all heating will be charged separately. This is usually stated in the rules of the house, once this pre you necessarily reported. Keep in mind that the payment of heating can be very very high. Especially if it is gas heating. The amount can reach up to forty and up to fifty, even higher euros per day! On the day, during the heating season. That is, in the winter, when cold. Do not think that is very warm in Italy, and is not heating is necessary, despite the fact that the difference between Russia, there, or Ukraine in the climate is large enough, there is no such, in general, the winter to, here, right, everywhere covered with snow, snowdrifts, icicles, and so on. However, heating is required here. Therefore, do not forget – if you come in winter, precise this moment. Additionally, in some cases, the host may take the money for the use of air conditioning. Yes friends! Here, electricity is also, in general, expensive. Basically, it’s all included already in your rent. If not, it may be separate in some point described. So you carefully, please always read house rules and pay attention to such things, that was not it for you as an unpleasant surprise. Sometimes the amount of the rental apartments is not included cleaning. More often than not, the final cleaning is still enabled. However, sometimes the owners put it separately. So such things, pay attention to them, even all Will be extremely clear between you and the owner of the apartment, so that everyone had a great mood and it was not unpleasant surprises. And now we will talk about long-term lease. This, and most often it is apartments for rent for a few months for a year or more – for a year or two. Therefore, if you come to Italy for a long time – to study, for example, or you are looking for a job, and you need an apartment, you need some kind of housing – of course well, you sense this way to rent an apartment in the long term. It will cost you much cheaper than to take daily, of course. And how to live in the hotel itself. Here are some nuances. First, of course, you have to be sure to enter Contract. That is, it is not through the Internet, you will need to be personally with the owner after you have made the decision About renting a certain apartment or house, you need Will make up (or the owner will make, or it is the lawyer some will be the agent), you will need to make Contract. This contract is registered, for its registration is charged a fee is generally insignificant, not very large. So do not worry about it. Rent in Italy, if we are talking about the room, it is worth anywhere from three hundred euros for a room. If it is an apartment, anywhere from six hundred euros, depending from the city. In the small towns are cheaper in large cities, there, in Rome or Milan, for example, or in some more major cities, hire more It is more expensive. Consider, too, that moment. Link to services that can help you find an apartment rent or a house in Italy, I, too, will leave in the description To this video. Therefore, if you are interested, you will have all the links, You can see it. They are only in Italian, so you need Will somehow through, probably, go Google Chrome. He will help you to translate this website, if someone does not know Italian. Friends! Consider also the moment that is not always flat shall direct the owners. Some apartments are rented through agencies. Of course, in Italy also have a real estate agency, Who earn on rent, and their commission pays Usually a tenant, that is – you, a person who You will rent an apartment, and not the owner. Their commission is usually one hundred percent of the monthly payment for an apartment. That is, if the apartment is worth a thousand euros in rent per month, you also have to pay the agency a thousand euros, once. It will not be included in the value of your payment for the accommodation, that is, it is the agency commission is paid separately and nowhere else is ignored. Therefore, of course, to save their own funds, you makes sense to negotiate directly with the owner. That is, look for some deals to be directly from the owner of the property, not to overpay agency. However, you can immediately say that more than half the ie, most of the proposals that are on the Italian the rental market for apartments or houses they still are through agencies. When you sign a lease and register it is most often, the contract provides for provided … deposit. Usually this amount is … one payment for one or two months of rent, that is, if you rent worth a thousand euros a month, deposit, so that is an advance Which you bring to the owner of the apartment, is one thousand or two thousand euros, you pay him. Moreover, what will you pay him for rent fee. This amount will return it to you when you’re out of the apartment travel, respectively, in compliance with all standards, which are defined by your contract. The contract is usually set the period for which you can inform the owner and go from there. Usually it is two or three months, but sometimes six months, Friends! This is very important, so pay attention! If you provide a contract that you must warn Owner that you are about to terminate the lease, You may have to leave the rental unit for six months, even if you suddenly have to leave, to move back to Russia to live, for example, or somewhere else in another city, you will have to pay for those six months Your rent payments, and no arguments, rather likely will not help. Here will have the months needed, since, When you notified about departure, pay. Keep this in mind, refer to this period as a more possible lower – there, one month or two months. In order to still be free to leave when you want and not have to wait six months. And do not lose your money. Even such an important time, when long-term lease to you Will have to conclude all contracts with resource-supplying organizations themselves. That is, it is, of course, more running, and more, plus additional costs, because all These organizations for the renewal of the contract for resource supply, they all take some additional payment, take extra contribution. Of course, from the time when you move into the apartment, And when the lease contract comes into operation, you will have to Pay and all utility bills on your own. This condominium (the amount of payment for the condominium it It depends on the size of your apartment. If somewhere it will be flat about eighty, there hundred square meters, it will be about eighty Euro. And this payment includes the content of the pre-house territory, Lifts, cleaning at the entrance – that’s the kind of expense. Also, you will need to pay, of course, water, gas, heating, additional electricity, garbage disposal and, if you have a TV, then this Canone Rai is called – the tax on TV. That is, the presence of your TV. See you have it, do not look ten euros per month is It will cost you. So, in total, for a family of three people, in an apartment somewhere hundred meters of total area, you will have leave about three hundred euros – two hundred and eighty, two hundred and fifty three hundred, depending on the region, and depending how much you spend power, heating, and what does it have any heating. Immediately I can give you advice on what in Italy is very expensive heating, so … Keep this in mind, it is very necessary heating. Italians are trying to do is very save on heating. That is, no one abuses the heating, in shorts house here no one walks in the winter, all warmly dressed, heating include a minimum to spend as much as possible less. Therefore, the most expensive kind of heating is now considered pellet stoves, or if you have a fireplace of some … well, fireplace, you know, not very convenient, because must always there somehow support combustion. Therefore, if you are renting an apartment in Italy, try remove those where the heating is from the pellet furnace. It is much cheaper and will save you, in general, rather big amount, I assure you. If you have a pellet stove for heating you will have go somewhere five hundred – six hundred euros per season. During the heating season, of course. So… When you leave the apartment, as I have already said, you will need for the time specified, which is listed In your contract, to warn the owner of the apartment, to wait that moment when you will have to leave the apartment, you need to leave the apartment in good condition. In the state in which it was. That is, for all the damage to any, for damages that you might cause, you will be deducted the amount of from the deposit, that you left at the conclusion of this contract. The remainder will be returned if there is something left, of course, Friends! If you are the owner handed over the apartment in its pure form, without it no problem, that is harvested, you the same condition will need to return it to him because That otherwise he can deduct from you also the amount for cleaning. Keep this in mind. Just friends, a couple of words to say that in Italy there also, a certain kind of intermediate option. Do not short-term, but not long-term … (Damn, I forgot to tell you). In general, long-term lease is based on the contract “four plus four”. That is, the contract is for four years. During these four years, of course, the host apartment you can not drive out of the apartment, under any pretexts. Only if you do not pay, of course. However, the tenant is not obliged to wait four years for to move out, it can go, in general, at any time by prior arrangement with the landlord. No need to wait four years. Why four plus four? Because if you stay for four years in this apartment, and your contract has expired, you have a pre-emptive the right of extension for another four years of this contract. The landlord can not you just kick out, say, All four years have passed. He will ask you – will renew contract for four years? If you do not renew for four years, then he has the right to have to find yourself another tenant in the apartment. Also, my friends! Two words to say that there is an intermediate in Italy so to speak, type of lease, it’s not even a contract, an interim type of lease, between the short and long term. That is, the rent for a few months. Of course, if you come out there for the season for the summer in Italy for three or four months, well, or there is a five months, who as far as you does not make sense to renegotiate here’s all these agreements with resursosnabzhayuschimi organizations you no sense to bother with all that’s here this bureaucracy and spend their time. And some owners are going to meet and make up here these here in his name contracts, that is, take a certain kind of risk to themselves, saving you the extra movements, which, of course, no one wants do. People who come here to work or, for example, to some seasonal work in hotels or there, in agriculture, so they can get out of the situation, Thus, Such a moment more, important that landlords are very trying to somehow scrupulous approach to those who have They rented this apartment. If there are applicants for rent – an Italian and a foreigner without citizenship, then, of course, they will prefer Italian. Why? Because if you do not pay the rent, Italians it is still easier to somehow recover. If you liked this video, put it, like, recommend to friends, subscribe to my channel! It will be great! Hi everybody! That’s better? Fine. everything is recorded So!


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